Mirror Disneyland Resort - 2021, Final Draft


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I just thought of this. If Mary Poppins' Jolly Holiday doesn't open in Fantasyland here in MDL 3.0, where does it open? For that matter, does it even open at all?


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Bumping the thread. I have been re-reading this thread, and I actually have a question about the logistics of the Sleeping Beauty Castle Stage, as described on Page 2. How will the performers get onto the stage? Will it be a multi-leveled stage or something? Would the passageway through the castle be accessible during all non-showtime hours, or would it remain inaccessible until all shows for the day are done, like at the Magic Kingdom (a move which has always irked me, I should say)?

I ask, because I am currently in the midst of working on my own "definitive" version of Mirror Walt Disney World, which I intend to start this October, and I have been debating with myself over whether I should keep the Magic Kingdom's Castle Forecourt Stage a "seasonal" stage, or have it out full-time. My biggest problem in this debate is that I want to afford the guests the chance to step through the Castle throughout the day (but if I did keep the stage permanent, "throughout the day" would mean "with the exception of showtimes", of course -- the walkways would close five minutes prior to showtime, and would re-open once CMs get the all-clear that all performers are backstage). I do have a really good idea for a show I want to put on that stage, but I'm just conflicted as to whether or not it's worth the risk.


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Rebumping this thread for the sake of activating the trinity of epic imagineering projects along with DisneySky and Americana 1900

its beautiful teh lurd of teh rings GIF

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