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"Mini Magic Kingdom" Layout


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Hi there everyone! After a little over a year of working on it, I'm excited to share with you my Mini Magic Kingdom!

Here are some YouTube videos that provide a good overview of the layout...

Rather than an exact scale model, I set out to capture the feeling of each themed land and included features from both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom in Florida. In short, it's an eclectic mash-up of the U.S. Disney theme parks!
I used whatever I had (mainly styrofoam, kabob skewers, cardboard, craft sticks, and clay) to construct many of the attractions, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, and many others. LEGO modular sets (And the Disney Castle) were used on Main Street USA, and awesome paper models by equally awesome artists were also used throughout the layout.

In fact, I want to send a super special thanks to the awesome artists who have provided their paper crafts online for Disney Parks fans! In this layout, I used paper models from the following artists:

Robert Nava - Main Street Train Station, Disneyland Marquee, Space Mountain

Ray Keim (haunteddimensions.raykeim.com) - Haunted Mansion, Haunted Mansion Entrance Pillars, Torre Del Cielo

Rebecca P. Chestney - Space Mountain Base, Popcorn Carts, Fantasyland Station

Fred Folger - Country Bear Jamboree Playhouse

(If you've never put together a paper model, it's a lot of fun! Most of the ones that I used can be found on disneyexperience.com and haunteddimensions.raykeim.com)


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