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Midway Mania with a 14 Month Old?

Coaster Lover

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In August, we will be hitting Disney World for the first time (their first time, not ours) ever with our kids (ages 6, 3.5, and 14 months at the time of travel). I'm not concerned with either my 6 year old (about 46" tall) or my 3.5 year old (about 40" tall) being able to be in their own seat for Midway Mania, but I'm wondering what my options are for my 14 month old.

From what I can see, there is no height limit on the ride and if I recall correctly (I've been on the ride many times), the ride has two lap bars but no seat divider (so in theory you could seat three across). But in the same respect, the ride does move around quite a lot. I've read that people have taken kids this young (and younger) on the ride, but I just wonder how. Seated three across with the youngest in the middle (though the lap bar wouldn't really touch her lap as there would likely be two larger people on either side of her)? Seated two across so she has her own lap bar? Seated on my lap with the lap bar holding both of us in? Strapped to one of us (such as with a Baby Bjorn) with the lap bar just on our lap? Or just avoid the trouble altogether and use child swap (though I've heard they don't always offer child swap on this one due to there not being a height limit).

She's walking and has good neck control, so I'm not so much concerned with the movement of the ride being an issue to her physically, I just want to know that (if she does go on it with us), that we can feel she is secure enough so that we can still "play" the games without having to physically hold her to secure her.

Would love to hear from others who have taken kids of (about) this age on...


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When we did it my little girl sat on my lap.
real young like under a year old mine would sit on my lap. After a year we would sit 3 across the seat with baby in the middle. starting at like 2 they want their own shooter even if they are really bad at operating it and don't really know what they are doing.


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Last year when my son was a little more than 1.5 he sat on my lap. This year he sat in his own seat, but I still put an arm around him when we were spinning so he wasn't moving around too much.


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Last year the second time we did it my daughter (5 years old) didn't want to shoot. So it was me and my husband with her in the middle. There was plenty of room. You could probably do your kids one either side of you and you in the middle holding the baby. But I'm not sure if they would allow that or not, and like you said you do get jerked around a bit.
I have taken my children on TSMM when they were as young as 4 months old. When they were that young I held their head and had no issue. In fact, there were a lot of smiles and giggles. With you 14 mo you should be fine but may have to hang on to them a little due to how the ride whips around.
Honestly, as long as it isn't peak they won't cram you and may let you take up both sides of the back to back car (if the six year old can pass for 7) Then the 3.5 can have his own and you can have the baby in your lap. just be prepared to change the plan at any time if they try to put in single rider in with your child ( they usually don't )


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I did it with a 9 month old and later when she was 18 months old in a carrier (facing me). Worked fine at both ages, I just held onto her a bit when it spins you around.

Coaster Lover

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For those curious, we took her on the ride with no issues. The 6 yr old sat with my wife or my sister-in-law, the 3.5 yr old sat with whoever the 6 yr old didn't, and my 14 month old always sat with me. She sat next to me and the restraint came down enough to secure her pretty well. I put an arm around her every time the vehicle was moving and she seemed to really enjoy watching (with lots of giggling) while the vehicle was stopped.