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Mid-October evenings

Fable McCloud

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I'm wondering what the average temperature/humidity situation is for mid-October. We're going for the first time to MNSSHP and I'm trying to plan my costume so I don't get heat stroke or sweat all my make-up off.


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Really just depends. I've ran in the ToT 10 miler twice that was usually the first weekend in October. One time it was so humid, and other time it was really comfortable. Although, that is while running 10 miles. Even a warm October night shouldn't be too uncomfortable for walking around. Once the sun is down it should be in the 70s.


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I have gone in October for the past 6 years. The weather is different every single year. 1 year it rained every day and was chilly, the next year is was crazy hot in the high 90s and humidity, 1 year it was perfect in the 80s and not 1 drop of rain. There is no way to predict mother nature. Check the forecast a few days before you leave.


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As previously noted, it's a crap shoot. The one thing on your side is that at least the sun sets by I believe at least 7pm so at least the sun won't be beating down upon you. But yeah, temps and humidity levels vary. I'd prepare for hot and humid, and it's a treat if not.
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