Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Proposal help!


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I'm proposing to my girlfriend this Thursday at the Christmas Party in Magic Kingdom, and I was looking for help with picking the perfect spot. I've read through a bunch of threads and know this has been discussed ad nauseam, so I'll explain why I didn't find my answer in those threads:

1. This is during the Christmas Party and I didn't see any threads specific to that, so there may be some opportunities here that aren't present at the average day at Disney.

2. I'd like it to be as secluded as possible while still being in a beautiful spot. This means that I'll have to rule out the standard proposal in front of the Castle because it's just too crowded.

3. We're getting dinner at 6:30 at Tony's Town and I'd like that to be sort of a celebration dinner so I'm gonna have to do it between when we get in (4:00) and when our reservation is (6:30). This means no fireworks, which I'm ok with. Right in front of the castle, during the fireworks, etc. are a little too cliche.

4. What I'm looking for is a spot that maybe isn't such a common spot for a proposal, but is still beautiful and isn't that crowded.

Thank you in advance!


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Sorry to respond after the date in question, just saw this. How did it go? Where did you end up proposing?
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