Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Live Stream 12/6/15 at 8:25pm


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This livestream's camera work was much better than the Not So Scary Halloween Party livestream. The camera work would mostly show the parade floats briefly but mostly focus on the trees.


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Wind was blowing in from the North which meant blowing right down MSUSA towards the Train Station. Bummer. You could only see the low fireworks and the bottoms of others.

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Very nice....though i experienced some glitches, perhaps on my end as I watched it remotely via a iPad.
Freeze frames, blurred 'digitized' images, etc.
Did others experience this while watching or was it just me?

Parade was great...performers were right on the money..exspecially Mickey, Calarabelle, and Goofy.
It was nice to see the new reindeer...it's been so long since I watched the Holiday parade that the last time I saw it the 'goofy' older reindeer were being used.
Quite nice to see the 'Disneyfied' updated look for them.

Snapped some 'photos' of the broadcast...will share in a moment if anyone is interested.
These are primarily scenic images of Main Street views and fireworks.
No character images.....sorry gang.
Didn't even think of grabbing some screen shots until right before the fireworks presentation.

There will also be a live stream through the DPB on New Years Eve, for those who may have missed the mention during the broadcast of tonight's events.


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For those who missed the live stream......and those who saw it and want to relive it again already -

A collection of 'photos' from tonights live stream.....screengrabs i snapped during the last 20 minutes of the broadcast with the iPad i was watching it on.
I'm still getting used to 21st century technology.....


A look at the Dream Lights

Setting the scene.
The blue lighting on the Main Street buildings make a eye catching visual to accompany the Castle decor.

The view from the Main Street Train Station, showing the 65 foot Christmas tree and the surrounding decor -

View of the pyro in action during Holiday Wishes from the end of Main Street -

Aftermath of said pyro, near the end of the presentation.
This photo gives a good impression of how hazy the Show appeared as it progressed due to the smoke being carried by the oncoming breeze.

And here's a couple of typical 'fireworks shots'...just for the heck of it.....

I'll conclude with the green 'X-mas Tree' castle....



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I went on Friday (dec 4th) here is a few pics i caught.


The breeze was also coming towards us that night.

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