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Instant gratification and "it makes me happy so why do you care" is at the heart of many cultural and societal problems. It's not my problem if you (the royal 'you', not you specifically) are offended by someone calling that out. If it makes a bunch of people happy, then why aren't they having Halloween parties in March? Christmas parties in July? If they can put up and take down decorations in the park in a night or two, why not do it? It makes money, right? It makes some people happy, right? The catering and pandering to the smallest of minorities and a few squeaky wheels needs to stop. I really am sympathetic to those who can't vacation in September and October and thus miss out on Halloween parties. "But then my kids are missing out, so I want Halloween parties in August!" That's not how the world works, or at least used to. Some people are going to miss out. That's just how things work sometimes and it's ok. Do something closer to home. Throw a party in your backyard. Be creative. I guarantee your life will go on if you and/or your kids don't get to attend a Halloween party in August.

The self importance delusions are strong with this one. How about a better idea, realize that your opinion is simply that, and that you are in the minority. Kids love Halloween. The Halloween parties sell out every year, including in August. So it doesn’t look like they are all that much of a small minority of people that want the parties.

The world works that when people like what is offered, when people want a product, a company will supply it. Despite the crusty old get off my lawn attitude of someone who thinks they are entitled to set when Halloween celebrations should start for all the kids of the world. You don’t like Halloween in august…don’t go. You find find something else to do. you and your old Pepperidge farm friends can hang out in your own back yard. The people who enjoy the parties, and can enjoy them when school isn’t in session will continue to do so.


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We are going August 18th. Yes it’s early and it will not feel like Halloween but our 7 year old has a ton of food allergies and this and our church are about the only places he can get allergy free candy and a lot of it and participate in a sort of trick or treating. It’s also more affordable in August then September or October.

So for the complaints about it being so early, remember some of us aren’t doing it because WE care about playing dress up. We are doing it for those we love who get a lot of joy out of it they may not otherwise experience.


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The next Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party date to sell out is September 15.
I heard they were canceling all Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween parties after September 15th because Christmas decor will be out by then. Any tickets purchased for the originally scheduled Halloween party will be automatically transferred to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.


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Sure. Average October high temps over the last 10 years has been 85F in Orlando (vs 84F over the last 30 years), so a dew point of 83F every day is all that’s needed to make that a reality. 🙄
The average for August is 90. It’s a 5 degree difference you’re arguing about. Lol

If you don’t want to go to a Halloween party in August, don’t go to a Halloween party in August. It has zero impact on you. 🙄


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Nothing feels real while at Disney so having Halloween in August is perfectly acceptable.

Then you go home and have real life slap you in the face. 😄

(And bonus, you get to celebrate Halloween again in October)

IT works even better for the xmas party. We love going to some of the early xmas parties. Your there while they are filming the xmas special, and then you get to go home and relive it again on TV around thanksgiving.

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