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News Mickeys Backyard BBQ closing


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Yep, and in this case the closure is over 4 months away which is more than substantial.
Exactly, fortunately it’s a good amount of time. It’s sad, there are servers who have been at that location since before it was even named Mickey’s Backyard bbq, longtime equity Cast, the band, Trevor the trick rope cowboy, and most of our character Cast has been there a very long time as well. It’s a special little family back there for sure.


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In the Parks
I like the variety of DVC options, but they seem to have lost touch with what makes the older resorts special. We used to always stay at Fort Wilderness in the trailers. It was great and quiet. If they built a DVC resort that was exclusively the trailers it could be popular (if they don't outrageously price the points) and keep the atmosphere intact. Sadly they will likely build a tower in a location where anything over 2 floors is out of place.
Even though this is quite old and plans could've been modified, here's what they were planning several years ago (permits are new, but hotel design is old): https://dvcnews.com/index.php/resor...-permits-suggest-revival-of-ft-wilderness-dvc
There was even a video put together of it. If it is the same design but they make it rustic enough (a very heavy fort style and not generic smooth, beige siding) it could fit in very well.

But still, I imagine there's going to be way more car traffic going back there unless it gets its own dedicated road. Regardless, it's a ways off and all we can do is wait to find out more.

No one

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Stop being so dramatic and unrealistic. It is not going to be tron! It's going to be the Simpsons. :) they didn't buy Fox to sit there and do nothing with it. lol.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be creating a new theme park and call it Krustyland


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They're determined to put character dining into the Artist Point space, why they wouldn't just create a MBYBBQ-like experience and combine it with Whispering Canyon is beyond me. Leaving Wilderness Lodge, a deluxe hotel where people pay $400+/night without a real sit-downing experience, is crazy.


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I’ve seen rumors on other site that Hoop dee doo May be the next to go.
Well if this is closing then HDDR will for sure be closing at some point.

From the first and second post...
Mickey’s Backyard BBQ will likely have it’s final performance on Dec 31 2018, as the resort moves ahead with DVC additions.

At this time Hoop Dee Doo will remain.

There are plans to bring a similar Backyard BBQ experience back at a later date.
Can confirm.


This makes me so sad! We loved Mickey’s backyard bbq! We planned on going again during our trip in April! 😭

Since we are staying at the WL, I think we will do the Snow White experience at AP now


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Yes...Cast members are usually barely notified in advance of things closing before the info leaks or is officially confirmed.
The DEP Cast was informed of its closure literally right before the parks blog announcement was posted.

That's kind of terrible ... lol but I sort of get it, I guess.

Disney Maddux

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So, I guess this means that demolition for RC and now MBYBBQ will begin in early 2019?

What would go in the place of where the BBQ Area is now though, a parking lot for the new DVC?


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Ahh nuts, was hoping to see this. One of the shows I've never seen. Heard the food was pretty good too.

Grumble grumble, Disney dying by a thousand paper cuts, grumble grumble.


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Ahh nuts, was hoping to see this. One of the shows I've never seen. Heard the food was pretty good too.

Grumble grumble, Disney dying by a thousand paper cuts, grumble grumble.

It was pretty good when we did it around 2005-ish, kids had a blast. Unlimited beverages, including wine and beer at the time, was nice, as well. Being able to sneak around and go see parts of River Country when visiting the restroom... definite bonus points. ;) Nothing off-stage, mind you, but you could walk down a path that wasn't really blocked off all that well and see some of RC. A lot of people ended up on that path thinking it lead to the restrooms!

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