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Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed


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Indeed... Disneyland gets net gains, DHS stays flat.
You'll recall when Walt announced the California Project in the '60s, he was hoping for something they never enjoyed in Florida--the blessing of size. If only the Florida parks weren't surrounded by alligators, they could expand. You'll notice none of the later Disney resorts were built in areas inhabited by alligators.

Hawg G

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It’s so funny becuase almost all these scenes sound like actual cartoons:

“Mickey and Minnie in Big City Snarl”
“Mickey and Minnie in Carnival Chaos”

Also...if attractions magazine shared them your probably not showing off classified stuff and the like.

Very excited for the attraction, cannot wait they really need to break the silence though...we need tangible something out of Disney’s mouth. That’s the only thing that worries me but we know they are confident in the attraction.

More questions: Waterfall is a show scene I hear is their any kind of controlled descent in the attraction? Like a semi drop? Based on what you have seen how long do you think this attraction would last?

Another question: Is the unload in a different place then the load? Can’t imagine you would see the finale as you are loading.

PS: Sorry for all the questions.

With 15-16 scenes, and assuming they are pretty short, like Spiderman, you are right in the expected 4 minute ride length.

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