Merlin taken private


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A major change is about to happen. Lego's owner, Blackstone and the Canadian pension fund want to take the company private. Merlin is the second largest themepark company based on attendance. The sale price it s 6.1 billion. This is still below what the Market Cap was 2 years ago. So it will be interesting to see if their are other offers for the company. However half the company is already owned by the family of Kirk Kristiansen, owner of Lego, so it would take a significant increase in price for someone else to win but with the new Legoland opening in New York, the company should be worth much more.


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I love this move...

Private is really the only way to have any chance of ensuring longterm quality. The four seasons is a lesson in that.

I wouldn’t want a company run by a stock harlots with 25 year old twits buying and selling tiny pieces on etrade daily...especially since economies have set themselves up for destabilization with bubble gambling, QE and lots of silly parlor tricks in an attempt to invent water skis that can be pulled by 2 yachts at the same time 😉
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