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Memory Maker


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Now that masks will be gone, any thoughts on Memory Maker? Worth it? I feel like I didn’t see many photographers but I wasn’t looking, either. Did I miss them?


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For me this is a great question - memory maker can be worth it if you take the time and wait for all the photographers in the areas that you want them. Are they everywhere, no. But, the price is worth it when they capture that priceless moment you can’t capture on your own. So do I think it’s worth it, yes, as the earlier you book may reduce the price.


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Luckily being from the UK our 14 day passes include this free. I doubt I'd pay for it ever as I've lots of pictures taken over the years. Having said that getting it free we hammer the hell out of it, if there's a photographer free we jump on them. Most of them are actually pretty good and very imaginative with the poses they request, especially for the pictures where they 'magic in' stuff later on. I enjoy it most in the not so popular areas, quite often places like the bridge to Tomorrowland or near the Brown Derby at the Studios have little to no wait. Again if nobody's waiting and you're sociable with the person, it's not uncommon for them to take a few extra too.


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There were a ton last week when we were there. Lots of lines though. We have an AP so it was fine for us, but the long lines really put us off from taking more.

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