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Meeting Girls/Guys

Irrawaddy Erik

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speck76 said:
good/really good at being bad :wave:
I have to agree with speck on that one. ;)


the Great
Nope sorry - the first time I took a trip to Disney without my parents was my high school Senior trip and I was a newlywed. My second trip to Disney without my parents was 5 months later for my honeymoon.


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This is a constant thing whenever I hit the tourist areas... but ESPECIALLY at MGM. I cannot determine why or how, but the majority of teenagers/young adults like to hit the Studios.

Queue lines are always targets for passing glances. It's always an eye game. I had to ride the Indy Speedway with a cousin, there was a girl there who kept on looking over. I rode the ride, then she pulled up by me and commented on my Stitch ears. We started having a conversation, while my cousin was busy driving.

There have been a few times when I've wound up in a hot tub or pool, but one time (most notably) with about a dozen twenty-something Japanese women. Didn't speak English. One translator. Of course, this was work related per se, but there was many mentions of currency exchanges for translations. Especially how to say phone number in Japanese.

After they left, I was left with some co-workers, but a couple of four came in and it started heating things up. Not for me or my co-workers and they eventually left. What a night.

I truly have never had an opportunity to "date" or follow around a random park guest for a day, nor have I asked for numbers or anything serious like that. Mostly because I'm with friends or have things I want to do on my own. But I'm sure it's bound to happen one day.


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I have never had a problem talking to any of the cast members in the parks. Sure I am not trying to pick anyone up, because I am taken by the best girl ever, but for me to talk to someone for a few minutes must mean something. I am one of the most anti-social people out there. For the past 3 years I was not able to go many places by myself, I have broken out of that, but still I have just broken out of that. We go pin trading and collect certain charactors/movies, not lanyard pins, and I have always struck up a conversation with the cast member. there is something about the magic that takes over all fears for me. When I am at work, I mix live music and work with a few up and coming bands, I am a social butterfly, then if I sit at the bar I wont talk to anyone even though I just mixed 3-4 bands. I honestly think that pin trading is the best thing that Disney has done on a minor scale. It gets you more up close to each cast member and there is something about it that if they are in a bad mood they know that they can let me know about, or if they are in a good mood they will tell me too. Maybe it is because I am the same age as them, or maybe it is because I am so close to working for the Disney company, but they always will take the time to tell me how they are doing or how they love their job. Very few people have said that they dont like their job. One day I will work for them, the time is counting down.


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No chance of that happening for me since (1) most men my age are with their families or signifigant other OR (2) I'm usually with my Dad and my Daughter.

On the other hand, my DD seems to have no problem with this. Last summer at MK we met a family from England while eating lunch w/ Sonny Eclipse. One their boys was 13 as well (blue eyed and blonde hair - I am reminded of this all the time). His name was Jack. After lunch they just happened to run into us at Space Mtn. After that we pretty much hung out the rest of the day. Lindsay and Jack rode a few rides together then we left to go watch the parade. They exchanged email addresses.

I know, ahhhh - how cute......... :hurl:


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The general answer you're going to get is the pool/hottub...but I don't think there's any one place that would stand out as a place to find something. Although....Pleasure Island would probably be a good bet for the 18-32 or so crowd.


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Where did this thread get dug up from? I always thought this was a weird topic to begin with. Like, I met a guy at my school's library today, and we hung out and did homework together, but I figured you don't care so I wouldn't have told you that. If there were cute stories about meeting spouses that might be interesting, but I don't care that a 14 year old hung out with a girl on his vacation.


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Much like Quasimodo or the Incredible Hulk, even at Disney World I'm destined to not meet anyone and continue on in solitude.


Paper straw fan

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Man...do I have to register as an offender for reading this thread?

Your 18? The pool. Not the easiest place to talk to girls, but that’s where they’ll be so long as it’s not raining and above 70 degrees.

Since you’re staying on the boardwalk, perhaps walk around there, maybe go to the dance hall if there’s not an age minimum (or it’s 18)

Possibly Epcot, it’s right there off the boardwalk too, and some people now just act like it’s food and wine season there even when it’s not.

Best I got. We had our 16 year old cousin w us last year and that’s about what I remember as his best bets. I wouldn’t make that your ultimate goal there tho, just have fun first and if a situation arises, great, if not, your still at Disney
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