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Trip Report Meet the Floridians


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Hello humans! :joyfull:

Most of you know me by now, but for those of you who haven't followed my past TR's (particularly my most recent), I'll do some brief introductions. :) Feel free to check out my past reports (in my signature) if you'd like!

Who: I'm Brittany! I'm 25 and completely Disney obsessed. My better half is Dylan, also 25 and not quite as Disney obsessed. :rolleyes: Prior to meeting me, he had never been to WDW! :eek: It was obviously top priority to remedy that. ;)

This is our baby, Tink. She also loves Disney. :rolleyes:

We got engaged in Magic Kingdom in June.. my dream come true! :inlove: Though our wedding won't take place in Disney, it will be Disney themed. ;)

While we were enjoying our time in the World, I accepted a 1st grade teaching position in Osceola County, Florida. Fast forward a month, and we packed up a U-Haul to relocate from Pennsylvania to the Sunshine State! :cool:

We currently live 20 minutes from Disney property, and one of our first purchases should come as no surprise. ;) This report will be a collection of our adventures as annual passholders, and I'll update it with a Table of Contents as we go. Now, without further ado...

To all who come to this happy place, welcome! :joyfull:


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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click the date to navigate to the corresponding posts!)

July 13 - post #28 [Epcot]

July 14 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) - posts #48-58 [DS, HS, MK]

July 16 - posts #65-75 [AK]

July 21 - post #95 [Blizzard Beach]

July 27 - posts #101-118 [Epcot, HS, MK, AK]

July 29 - posts #144-153 [MK]

August 5 - posts #173-180 [Dinner & MK]

August 11 - post #192 [Poly & WDW Magic Meet up!]

August 13 - posts #202-218 [Engagement Shoot, MK, & Epcot]

Engagement Pictures - post #237

August 19 - posts #244-245 [HS]

August 20 - posts #280-281 [AK]

August 26 - posts #282-284 [MK]

September 2 - posts #308, 353-360 [Epcot, HS, AK, MK]

September 4 - posts #362-364 [MK]

September 13 - posts #373-383 [Post-Irma AK, Epcot, HS]

September 16 - posts #398-401 [HS]

September 23 - posts #407-408 [MK]

September 29 - posts #411-426 [MNSSHP]

October 3 - post #434 [Resort Hopping]

October 7 - posts #435-437 [Epcot, HS]

October 13 - posts #442-443 [HS]

October 14 - posts #448-450 [MK]

October 19 - post #470 [Best Friends Pet Care]
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Brilliant. I'm following along on this journey.
I am so happy for you and Dylan, living the Disney dream and can't wait to read all about it.
Very excited for the both of you--and Tink, too! :happy:
I'm following along!

Congrats on the engagement/job/move!!
This should be fun to follow!:)
Thanks everyone! Happy to have you all aboard. :)

:joyfull: So excited for you! So fun to follow along. And omg I love your moving outfit-gotta get me something like that!!!
Can't wait! Love your moving outfit!
Thanks girls! Lularoe leggings and my shirt is a cheap eBay find that is basically an Irma. :p

Congratulations! Hoping to bump into you and Dylan again.....and actually get spoken too, lol:D:D:D
Lol! :hilarious: I'll make up for last time by yelling obnoxiously when I see you again. :rolleyes:

Congratulations again on all of your recent wonderful events
I will continue to follow along from way up here in the Great White North.
(Although it is not snow covered as we speak- You know about Canada right? - 10 months of winter and 2 months of bad skiing.)
Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

Thanks Max! I can't tell you how happy I am that I don't have to see snow anymore. :p

Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Don't skimp on the Disney snacks pictures!!
There will be lots of snacks, don't you worry. ;)

Welcome to Florida!
Thank you! Feels great to be a Floridian. :joyfull: