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Meet and Chat with Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom


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Good morning,

As Mickey has always been a face character only, what do you think of the new change where he will be chatting to guests? I did a double take when I read the news because I am so used to him nodding and waving only. I hope that the voice will authentic to what my daughter hears on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the like so she will be used to it.

Again, what do you think ?.....

I found this video on youtube and it does look canned.

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I like the concept but not the execution. It simply does not work for everyone. I haven't seen the official Magician Mickey, but we were their the week before it premiered and after talking with a CM were able to get my aunt in to hear a talking Mickey. She is severely disabled; can't walk, see, or speak. She is fully aware of here surroundings though and loves the characters and rides. When we entered the room Mickey was speaking, spinning, and playing with a little kid. It looked like it was working perfectly in that very scripted and planned for scenario. Her eyes immediately followed the sound of his voice so the talking Mickey was effective. But when it was our turn to interact with him it did not fit the script and sort of fell apart. He suddenly became very quiet and had a very uncomfortable delay. The CMs in the room were really coaching him on what to do and speaking for him a lot. At one point he asked her if she was enjoying her trip to Disney, we all answered yes for her. She then started coughing, something she does for attention and thinks is funny, so we all asked if she was sick. Mickey then said "That's wonderful!", or something along those lines. It was very obvious that it was a response to his previous comment but was so far delayed that it was a very inappropriate response for the time.

Overall I would say the update is great. I personally found the furry characters to be a bit creepy and awkward so I usually only visit all the face characters which are always a blast. But with the furies talking now I think it makes a much better experience for those who fit the exact profile the M&G (more like a show) is scripted for while anyone else just doesn't seem to work. Not really a loss or step backward for those people, just not as much of a gain as it could be.

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