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Mears Towncar at Airport Baggage Claim


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On my last trip in 2020 I took a Mears Towncar from Pop to Universal and used it to return to the airport..But, I'm looking at getting picked up from the airport this time..

I have read they do meet you at Baggage claim as you give you them your flight info when booking..But, what do you do if you need to wait for your luggage to get off the plane before you head out? Do you meet them first and confirm with the driver or just go to wait for your luggage first then meet the driver?


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I can't speak about Mears specifically, but we've used a few similar towncar services at MCO. FWIW, all the hired car drivers are usually waiting conspicuously at the bottom of the escalator, or else at the end of the appropriate baggage carousel. They'll each be holding up a tablet or sign with their client's name on it, so you can't miss them. I think the typical practice is to greet them as soon as you see them, and they'll assist you with your bags as they come out.
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Great question as I was just playing around with a trip and it came up with private Mears selection of a SUV and described them meeting you at baggage and assisting with luggage, so I was wondering a bit about that as well, curious. It did not have a selection for Mears Connect Bus so I was also wondering if you would have to do that through their site? AND I was wondering if anyone here has used either service this year to go to and from airport to WDW. :happy::happy::happy:

I would assume you would have to wait for your luggage and it would go with you in your private car. ;)

Edited to add HELLO to @Weather_Lady ;)
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