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MCO B-terminal closed?


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I just reserved a rental car with Budget at MCO. When I got the confirmation email it said B-terminal is closed and we will have to go to A-side? There was no mention of this before booking. We're booked on Delta and haven't received any emails from them about it. I assume their baggage claim is still in the same location? Is it all rental areas closed on B-side or just Budget?


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Since tourism is down it makes sense. The in-terminal rental car companies operate two complete sets of service points within the main terminal, one on A side and one on B. Rental counter, rental pickup aisles and customer service desks in the garage, exit lane booths, all duplicated twice despite only physically being a couple hundred yards apart.

When MCO is operating at full passenger loads it makes sense to provide those two separate crowd flows. But with rental volume down it's cheaper to temporarily consolidate operations to a single side.

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