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Maybe someone can help me :)


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So heres the deal..i have realized that i am horrible at decision making. I booked a 5 night Carnival Liberty cruise in september. I have never been on a cruise before and have heard great things about the liberty..the thing is, I am a HUGE (gigantic) disney fan and am really kicking myself in the butt for not going with DCL. Ive sort of priced checked both and the DCL Sept 21-25 4 night cruise on the dream is only about $150 more per person (theres 2 of us)..heres my problem. I booked Early Saver so I know theres no refund on my $400 deposit. Im ok with that because we can use that (well minus the $50 fee) for a future cruise. My other half would eventually like to go see the mayan temples so we could always go on carnival in the future. I just REALLY would like DCL to be my first cruise experience. Ok so finally my question, Theres a "cancel my cruise" button on the carnival website. When I click it it says the penalty to cancel this cruise is $400. If I cancel on the website does it automatically take out the $50 charge per person and give me a credit or is that something only making a phone call can take care of? Anybody know :)


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I guess it depends on how much it matters to you that your first cruise experience be with Disney. Normally, I would suggest keeping your Carnival reservation because changing it will cost you money. Your DCL will almost certainly be better than a Carnival experience (with the possible exception of your steak dinners), so you may also want to consider whether you'll be disappointed by a lower level of service on Carnival, if you sail Disney first.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong by adding a DCL cruise to your plans. It just depends on whether you want to cough up the $50 for changing the Carnival reservation and whether you're going to be disappointed in a Carnival experience if you have to compare it to a previous Disney experience.

Just my opinion.


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No ideal but I vote go DCL, it's awesome for anyone and for you as a Disney fan it will be magical...Do It! Do it!

When you hear this you might just get teary eyed.....

There hasn't been a lot of traffic on the board lately, so I was browsing old threads and came across this video.


But I have no recollection of the horn battle and didn't see the fireworks. We got back from our excursion so late (9:20 pm local time), that we went straight to dinner in Parrot Cay and didn't see anything as we left port. Bummer!
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