Maybe March.. or should it be May


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I just got an opportunity for a quick 3 night trip to WDW.... I am excited but need some info from the yearly seasoned visitors, please:)
I am sure March is a busy month due to Spring break but what about May... I don't hear many people talk about the attendance during this month.... Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks all :wave:


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I've gone the second week of May twice in the last few years, and the crowds were reasonable. Using fastpass for the bigger attractions, we never waited over 15 or 20 minutes for anything - and plenty of attractions had little or no wait.


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We went last Memorial Day and even that wasn't too crowded. Beautiful weather and you don't need to wait too long for the rides or shows either. We are going the beginning of May this year. Great time of year to go. Flower Festival still going on at the beginning of the month. I'm really looking forward to that this year.


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March is when spring break is and a lot of schools do the performing arts programs (like me) and so its busier. I went last May and the crowds are better than summer, but they are ok. But you will have your crowded moments of course, like fireworks and leaving the parks.

But I had a blast going during extra magic hours at the MK and did every ride in Fantasyland and almost every other ride!


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We went in march so our friends could go down during spring break, never again. It was crazy busy and there was a bunch of sports tournaments going on.
I went two years in a row during March. It was busy, but not horrible like summer time busy. I then read posts about the advantages of going in May and have been 3 times in May. I highly recommend people to go in May if they can do it.

Firstly, March's weather is not always guaranteed.. we've been lucky and had warm days, but some night it got into the low 60s upper 50s. That was great compared to the winter weather at home, but made it unpredictable. (I had family who went in March that had almost 40s at night). Also, with the unpredictable weather the water parks are not always guaranteed to be a good time.

Everytime we've gone in May it's been upper 80s to low 90s.. so perfect temps and the crowds have been light. Also, we haven't gotten the "afternoon showers" as frequently as you might in the summer time. Short waits up to 30 minutes for larger rides. It's a good time of the year b/c it's after Easter but before school is out/Memorial Day. I highly recommend May for Disney if you can do it.


I go every second March And I Love it. Not nearly as busy as Christmas/Summer. Although I have never been in May so I can't Compare, But I don't find it TOO crazy sometimes a little busy but not CRAZY

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I went last year for the first week of March (we did Feb 27-March 5th) and the parks were empty. The only thing was it was a bit cooler than I'd have liked, but really a good time to go. It was before all the college kids descended for Spring Break but after the February break for the younger kids. That's a good time to go.


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We will be there May 13-20th!! From what I have heard etc May crowds are hit or miss but I feel that you have a better chance in May than you do in March of having lighter crowds. Have fun!:wave:

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