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Mask mandate (two year old toddler)

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I understand that Disney is private property (I am very glad they are trying to keep everybody as safe as possible and to contain the COVID 19 spread and they can enforce any rules they like), but I do find it odd that Disney and even airlines would require two year old toddlers to wear masks when the World Health Organization states that face masks should only be required for children six years of age and older and as far as I heard, there never has been any cases of two year old children contracting COVID 19 and spreading it. The below link is where I found the information that states that children age five and under should not be required to wear masks. Of course, one piece of advice is for anybody who does not agree with the mask mandate should not go to Disney World during the pandemic while the mask policy is in place and wait until after to visit, but if you do not have children or if your children are over five years old, then it is still well worth it and the lines may be a lot shorter.

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I'm hoping the CDC guidelines will be updated soon, because I agree there's no sense in requiring masks for very young children, at least when outside in a stroller. Lack of evidence that they pose a threat combined with the unlikelihood of anyone coming within 6 feet of a child in a stroller makes this requirement extreme.
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