mary's its ok if we do not do everything this trip trip report

hey guys its mary, I came home a day early from my trip yesterday so I am going to write my trip report. this trip was fun, however, it did have its bumps, but Disney is not going anywhere so yay:)
The trip started last sunday morning. We ended up at the pop a day early, so i paid for one night :) we went right to bed after getting some delicious dominos pizza. We slept in and went to epcot and magic kingdom this night. I was able to experience the new fantasyland and let me tell you, its amazing. We had dinner at via napoli :) it was and is always going to be amazing. After that we went back to the room because my friend was not feeling good. This led to 2 days of " rest days" that we did not do much. these days were tuesday and thursday. Thankfully my other friend was understanding. We had a ball anyways. We pretty much did hollywood studios and 50s on wed. we did ohana on wed. as well for breakfast, and 1900 park fare thursday night. I also was pleased to have 2 oreo bon bon cupcakes this trip :) overall it was fun for what it was, and we really did need rest from school. As long as everyone had fun, i am content :) photos to follow :)


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my friend char and i aka the oreo bon bon cupcake addicts :)

must finish it! :)

no way its duffy!!!! :)


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final thoughts
my motto is expect the unexpected. This trip was true to that motto, and we still had fun.
here are so observations:
new fantasyland and storybook circus are amazing! words cannot even describe
gaston's tavern is good, but i did not like the brew. It was just too sweet. my friends liked it :)
disney had limited stock of halloween stuff for sale. a cm i spoke with said they did not order enough, which is why it sold out quickly. I was able to get a pin, just not a minnie witch hat or halloween ear head band, or a shirt.
food and wine was fun and i loved the offerings. It was a great way to use left over credits
disney was very accommodating to my friends allergies and vegetarianism

i wish disney had a camera shop to fix cameras. mine broke , hence lack of photos, and they really did not give me much to go on where to find a repair shop.i am going to go when i go home to see if its cheaper to fix or replace it.
the grand floridian dvc is coming along
crowds were heavy because of fall breaks, the new fantasyland, food and wine, and mickey's not so scary.
Also it seems like people are selling out the party the day of, so get your tickets ahead of time
adults can still get makeovers at pirates league, but not bibiti
the new cupcakes at storybook circus are good. I loved the dumbo and great goofini one
overall the food was really good everywhere we ate, however, i probably will revert and go for breakfast at the 1900 park fare. it was not that great at dinner, so odds are i will go when its alice and friends, which i do not mind.
we stayed in the 50s building and like always, loved it. its a quick walk to everything. The staff there was amazing, especially at the early check in. also the front desk staff were fun to talk to and get information promptly, and address any concerns.
christmas stuff was everywhere, and they kept adding each day
also news broke about the whole limited time thing, which means i guess i have to plan a trip in may for graduation :rolleyes:
also the weather was amazing! the crowds may have been heavy, but the pools at the pop were not very crowded when we went


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looks like a fun trip nonetheless. the pics are pretty cool, but i am troubled by the lilo costume being giant when the character is a little girl. what's up with that? lol


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It looks like it was a fun trip...and minus the food at 1900PF (still looks like the character part was fun)- sounds like you got some tasty treats as well :) Jealous that you got to do MNSSHP and beyond envious that you got to go into BoG. :D I'll just keep telling myself that I'll be dining there one month from tonight LOL. So glad to hear it all looked amazing though! Thanks for posting your report!


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Your pizza picture looks delicious! Nom nom nom! It is so cool you got to see the new Fantasy land! I can't wait to see it in person.

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