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Marvel Land - Construction/Specifics


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I'm not sure that information is known yet. I believe the author used Midway Mania as example for those less versed in theme parks than we. The new land certainly needs a better draw and naturally we all hope to be surprised.
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Disney Irish

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Yawn. So this is Spider-Man ride TSMM remix is a permanent ride or just something to save face when they open phase 1?

This whole thing sounds terrible. Like most of us expected.
I have a feeling if this turns out to be true, which it sounds like it may, its the alternative "we gotta have something in Phase One" plan not the original "we need a WOW like SW:GE" whole land plan. #thanksMayorTait


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Even the bit about Hong Kong's E-ticket being a roller coaster? I thought it was more Battle Escape-like.
Did they say anything about HK? I must have skipped over that. I was referring to the DCA land menu info, which is solid.

I do not believe HKDL’s E will be a coaster.


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Going to be a real big bummer if WDI cranks out a lame Spidey attraction after what Universal did with the material at IOA in 1999. 20 years later, that is still one of the best attractions in the world and continues to rival anything Disney has built at any park before or since.

The industry (not just the consumers, important difference) will be quick to compare the two and I'm surprised Disney would put themselves in such a position, to be honest -- even with them being known to cut corners when it comes to certain projects.


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WDSP (Paris) will get the same Spiderman shooter, as I've indicated before on the DLP forum sub-section. Think really TSMM v2, with everything plussed. There would also be (slightly) more physical sets (which doesn't say much as TSMM has very limited physical sets..)
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