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Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested


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PUBLISHED May 17, 2019 @5:41 PM

– A man who Orange County deputies say stolen thousands of dollars-worth of property from Disney World has been arrested.
  • Man accused of stealing clothing from Disney World animatronics
  • Patrick Allen Spikes, 24, was arrested and booked Friday
  • Investigators say he stole $7,000 worth of items and resold them
Patrick Allen Spikes, 24, of Orlando, was booked into jail on Friday.
Deputies say Spikes entered a restricted Disney area and stole more than $7,000 in items and resold them.


Other pieces of stolen Disney property, including a dress from the Haunted Mansion ballroom scene, were found on Spikes' phone, the arrest warrant said.
Spikes is also accused of reselling many of the stolen Disney items. Investigators made contact with a person who said they had purchased multiple items from Spikes, including the Haunted Mansion dress for $1,000.


More at the link



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The most interesting thing about this (besides them finally arresting the guy) is that apparently there were other animatronics stolen besides Buzzy? I heard rumors about the dancers in the first scene of GMR being stolen, but those I'm not sure qualify as animatronics.

Also, those Haunted Mansion theft must have been on replacement props, right? We would have known long ago if suddenly the dancers were naked one morning.


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Surprisingly he's still able to post on Twitter. He's just complaing about how bad the wifi is in Jail and mentioned about the mugshots memes.
It isn't Patrick.
Im here for the beer
I think we all know where this thread is going to go... and how it's going to end.


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Can you post this over in the stroller thread too? Or is the dumpster too small for that thread.
Too small. There was an article today about how a nuclear waste storage pit in one of the atolls we blasted the crap out of is leaking. That might be big enough for that thread. Might be. And it's pretty massive too.
Mentioned leaking atoll for reference: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/enewet...ructure-leaking-radioactive-material-pacific/
Fitting, no?
Really is. I saw the news earlier and decided I wasn't going to be the one that starts this thread.
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Everything about him gave off the "come get me" vibe, like he wanted to be caught for his antics. I guess folks really really really really enjoy attention.

I think he legitimately thought he was steps ahead of the police... hence his bold modifications of things and spin doctoring after he got his first scare. He apparently didn't grasp that the investigation could still be ongoing and the police aren't always going to tip their hat on everything they have on you.

His lawyer is going to have to try to fight to supress the evidence... or quickly work out a plea deal. He's toast.

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