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Mama Melrose or Brown Derby...?


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We've never been to either, but want to try one or the other for dinner on our upcoming June trip.
Now that the dining waters have been thoroughly chummed, feel free to (within' reason, of course ;)) tear it up gang...! :)


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Just my opinions..... BOTH GOOD FOOD
Mama Melrose- Lots of families, casual, Mod price Range
Brown Derby- Very formal, Fewer families, casual or dressy, very pricy, wonderful steaks, great deserts.
It just depends on what you are looking for :)


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Brown Derby.
I have found that the food quality at Mama Melrose has been declining. I'm giving them a couple years off. Hopefully it will turn around. They were my favorite.


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Haven't been to the Brown Derby, but I enjoyed my meal at Mama Melrose's a couple years ago. Had the pene ala vodka and the breads and spreads. Hubby had chicken parm, which I tasted and it was good.


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Depends on what your other days have. I know for me Italian is a nice break from the typical burger/steak/chicken that I always get at WDW. I like my trips to have a variety.


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Brown derby. Just had a great dinner there in December. One of the best on our Christmas trip. We also did mama melrose on that trip. No comparison. Brown derby it is!


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Brown Derby is are one must on every Disney trip. Last summer twice. Best steak in Disney! Grapefruit cake is awesome too! If you are celebrating something let them know. They take pictures and make a cool card for keepsake.


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Wow, I'm surprised by the responses on this thread. Typically I read that Brown Derby is overpriced and overrated. I've never been to either, but I'm hoping to try Mama Melrose's in June.


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It's been a long time since I've done Brown Derby, but it sounds like the food quality is back to the high quality it was in earlier days. Don't get me wrong...we had a nice meal at Mama Melrose...but if I had to choose between the two, I'd go for Brown Derby. I was just looking of the menu again and now I'm craving everything from lump crab spring rolls to duck two ways...YUM!


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Definately Derby!!!! I'm a spoiled brat when it comes to Italian food and MM doesn't meet my expectations but like I said spoiled brat!


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We enjoy Mama Melrose (MM) for several reasons:
  1. Good basic American-Italian food. The kids like pasta plus MM's handles Gluten Free very well. (Freshly cooked rolls for our special needs daughter is always a big winner.) It's really hard do to bad pasta unless the sauce is sub par. At MM's, everyone in our family enjoys our meals.
  2. Out-of-the-way location. Always fun exiting after a late dinner and having that part of the park empty. It makes you feel as if you have DHS all to yourself.:)
  3. Easy to get a reservation on short notice. I respect that people build their vacations around their meals but I hate getting ADRs 6 months in advance.
  4. They don't rush you. Lots of people like to eat in a hurry but when we do Table Service (TS), we prefer to take our time.
  5. Background music. Always enjoy the combination California/Italian sound track.
  6. Sangria. After a full carafe, DW and I probably would like any restaurant.:)
The wait staff has been iffy at times. We've had some good ones and some not-so-good ones. In general, service seems to be slower at Mama Melrose's than at many other WDW TS restaurants.

Considering the prices and food selection that's less appealing to youngsters, we've passed on the Brown Derby in recent years.

Overall, I'd suggest the Brown Derby for adults and Mama Melrose's for families.


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I had Mama Melrose's in 2011 and wasn't impressed, but others have loved it. Maybe I just went on an off day. I'm trying Brown Derby for my Fantasmic Package, and I've heard mostly good things. I've decided it is impossible to judge from the forum though. For every person who likes a place, another hates it! If you haven't done it yet, check out the menus for both places before you decide. :)

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