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Making the most of DLP from the UK

Retro Oswald

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Afternoon folks.

I'm essentially looking for some advice and tips. Massive fan of WDW and been many times but only been to Paris twice in the last 12 years. However, husband and I are thinking of seeing about going far more regularly.

We are based in Kent to 15 mins from Folkestone Eurotunnel and wondered if anyone has had experience driving from Calais (I think it stops there) and whether this is the cheapest way to travel?

I've seen I can use Tesco Clubcard points for eurotunnel which once converted should make a return trip excluding fuel at about £65 for a car.

Then on top of that, I couldn't believe how cheap annual passes are at DLP. We don't need to go at peak times like xmas so would it make the most sense to get the Magic Flex passes as it's also included parking? Saves €40 if we drive. I can't see I'm really missing out on much more that appeals to us.

We are looking to travel maybe twice a year, which easily makes the annual pass worth it.
I've driven from Calais before and it's an easy 3 ish hour drive! All motorway (from what I remember no tolls).

I have the magic flex and can recommend :) It's not much but the 10% off merchandise adds up slowly.

I wouldn't bother wasting clubcard points on EuroTunnel as often at off peak times it's cheap enough anyway and (I know it takes longer) but the Dover ferry can have some real low prices.

If you live that close, driving absolutely is the cheapest way once you factor in all the faff with airports and what not.

Retro Oswald

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Thanks for the sound advice

We want to make 2 trips a year but as always to justify it, I've got to budget it for as cheap as possible.

Didn't realise the drive was as long as 3 hours from Calais though


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We have the infinity annual pass and have done the drive all the way from Blackpool.... down to the tunnel then on to Paris,
Normally we stop off somewhere the night before the crossing.

It's an easy straight drive once over..

We did it in March this year and doing it again in Oct

Retro Oswald

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Anyone have any hotel recommendations? Again I’d like to do it on the cheap for next May for a couple of nights, so that may exclude the Disney hotels.

Don’t mind driving to the parks, but around £100 a night would be nice
Anyone have any hotel recommendations? Again I’d like to do it on the cheap for next May for a couple of nights, so that may exclude the Disney hotels.

Don’t mind driving to the parks, but around £100 a night would be nice
Try the Hi-Park by Addagio in Serris. It's an ;apartment hotel' so basic rate doesn't include breakfast or housekeeping service daily BUT it's close by and affordable. I recently stayed there and I walked from the hotel to the parks in 15mins every day. Alternatively there's a shuttle that runs and drops you at the quieter bag check at the backside of Disney Village (by Five Guys).
Hotel L'Elysee is our favourite - it's a partner hotel but much cheaper to book direct with them or on Expedia/Booking.com.

We also stayed at Residhome for FanDaze. Nice aparthotel with a balcony in the room. Not as good as L'Elysee but would happily stay there again.

If you want really budget the Ibis Budget is very much that. We stayed at New Year and were booked there for FanDaze but cancelled and went to Residhome.

All 3 are a couple of mins walk to Val D'Europe RER station and we have been in the parks 15 mins after leaving the hotel on more than one occasion.

Retro Oswald

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Loving all the recommendations so far, its really helping, narrow some options.

One hotel I've seen is Novotel Marne Vallee Collegien. Reviews are coming in good and prices are looking around £230 for 3 nights this August.

Hotel.com do the 10 nights stay, get one free which when i add my trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, can be some savings over time.

Eurotunnel is coming in at about £110 which isn't bad. I haven't got any use for my Tesco Clubcard points so if i don't use them for Eurotunnel, they can be used on the Hotel booking.

Would be nice is Disney announced 2019 Fandaze dates in the near future as I'm all on that.

Den Carter

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Try Airbnb for the town of Serris, which is just down the road. 10 mins drive to the car parks, or 20 mins walk (which is easier, in my opinion), or there’s also a free shuttle bus in the town. We go every month or so and almost always manage to find a decent Airbnb space in Serris for a fraction the cost of a hotel.

Retro Oswald

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Have you done AirBNB yourself and have a place you could recommend? preferably with free parking. Prices are coming up good but always been dubious about using it
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