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I agree. Mayor Weaver is a wonderful character. GREAT addition to the "streetmosphere."

My hat goes off to Gus, also.

Be sure to visit the Dapper Dans and Main Street Pianist...

I swear: That magic is right there in the human connection.


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General Grizz said:
Be sure to visit the Dapper Dans and Main Street Pianist...
When I was last there with my Mother, on our final day at Magic Kingdom we watched a set of the Dapper Dans, and they presented Mother with an honorary citizen badge and mentioned when they were doing the set with the chimes.

We watched that one, and after the set, Neel - one of the Dapper Dans who was been there almost from the opening of the park stayed out and chatted to my mother and I. The major dropped by and there was some banter between them. It was great. We really appreciated Neel staying out. He gave up his enter break between sets to spend time with us. That's the sort of experience you can't create just by throwing money at it :D


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SusanAnne said:
Got a great pic of the mayor with my two girls!!!! Didn't know Disney had a mayor until he walked up to us and started talking!!! Great pic and what a great lil touch to Disney!

He isn't the mayor of Disney. He is the Mayor of the town where Main Street USA is... and the other characters live near Main Street and are usually out shopping, gossiping, or waiting on the surprise from the Wells Fargo Wagon!


DD and I met the Mayor in December

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Not only did I meet the Mayor and take lots of picture's with him and other Disney character's my family and I got to open the park back in October 2003.
I have to say it was the greatest single Disney experience of my life,we got to meet a lot of the characters, hang out in the park before it opened and rode the firetruck and the train with all the characters and tossed pixie dust to open the park. :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:


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We met the Mayor in 01 and again in 02. When we met him in 01, he had a bunch of pins on his sash. Along with some VERY cool and limited Disney pins (security badges, a 2000 Innauguration pin, and others) he had a whole collection of ribbon pins people had given him for different causes. Very cool.

In 02, I got my photo taken with him. This was doubly cool, as I work for the Mayor here in our home town. When I showed him the photo, he said he was pleased that I was meeting his colleagues and wondered if I picked up any tips on being a good Mayor!

We've also met the nice Victorian lady who is on Main Street (don't know her name). My DW had gotten a hair wrap done, and the lady explained that this is what's called a "brain switch". You tug to turn the brain on and off - so if you say something dumb, you just tug the "switch" and go "oops - forgot to turn my brain on!"

LOVE the Streetmosphere!!!!!!!!

DisneyPinDad :xmas:


We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour in Feb of 2004 and were lucky enough to have a CM guide who introduced us to several characters on Main Street including the mayor. He was very nice and gave a short campaign speech to our group. I think that too often in the past we had rushed right on by and not even noticed him.


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scottnj1966 said: .jpg
Here is a picture from 01-14-2005
It was the first time I ever saw the Mayor.
Actually saw him twice that day.

It was very cool.

Ahh yeah. That was the rainy Friday. Last full day of our trip, we spent it at DtD shopping for last minute souvenEARs.

On a related note, every other trip that we've mad eto WDW, we were let into MK early and were allowed up to the hub for the rope drop. This was the first time EVER that we were stopped right after the turnstiles and were forced/able to watch the opening ceremony with the Mayor and the Characters on the WDW-RR. I wasn't even aware that MS-USA had a mayor :p. Even though I had never experienced it, I was SINGING along with the song (Welcome Medley from the 2004 album)... "It's all pure magic, wrapped up in pixie dust. Welcome to a place where dreams come true...." My girlfriend was SO embarassed. Hey, at least I didn't belt out "Destiny" at Mission Space in my opera voice after getting off the ride. THAT would have really made her red! :D

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*sigh* I refer to him as Rod Roddy, the guy from the Price is Right. When Mayor Weaver opens the park with the opening show he sounds just like him.

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