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MagicBand+ announced


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That would be a pleasant surprise for me given what they charge for some of the ones that do nothing. Already $40!
Yeah good point. Current pricing:

Solid color: $20
Open edition: $30
Limited release: $35
Limited edition: $40
Dooney limited release: $48
Dooney limited edition: $58


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100% There are multiple levels of Apple Watch, Garmin forerunners, etc. I like these designs, but personally dont need the lights and buzzes.

I'd still like smartwatch apps that can take over the functions of MB, and maybe give a fun watch face while active. Then I don't need a big chunky piece on each wrist, or an awkward silicone puck holder on my watch band.
Apple and Disney are not close friends anymore.

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I think this is neat but just not something I care all that much about.
I'm actually trying to find better ways to carry my MB than on my wrist these days.
I'm trying an Etsy magic keeper next trip.


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Name wise, seems they are just using the "+" to tie it to Genie+. There will probably be at least one family that will purchase the bands and assume it means they get access to Genie+ LL.
Now if these could sync to vibrate and change to a specific color X minutes before a TS or LL time, I'd be more interested. I could ignore the time till my band went off at least.


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Plus a cupcake!
EARidescent edible glitter or I walk away.

My iPad now autocorrects to EARidescent. I have a pathology.


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Apple and Disney are not close friends anymore.
Disney and IT aren’t friends, anymore, either 😉. I’m not an Apple Watch user (I wear a Garmin 945 as my daily), but a DME/MB/Genie app for smart watches should be a thing. At least for Android and Apple wearables - I know us fitness people are a small portion of the market share.

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