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Magical Express/Dining Plan

Really disappointed that Magical Express is ending. For a first-timer, it was a great introduction to WDW before arriving. When booking our trip the other night, the agent said that dining plans would be coming back. I hope it is before we go next summer.


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Yes, ME going way puts a downer on many peoples trip experience. It was a convenient perk to arrive and start off the process with some magic. DDP is still an issue that no one is completely certain of regarding its return or how it will be set up. When it does come back there will be the ever continued discussions about its value, whether or not its giving guests savings, how its deteriorating food quality, decreasing dining accessibility or just giving Disney excessive profits.
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Cowboy Steve

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In past years I have 'done the math' with the DP, and even ordering the most expensive item on the menu, it ended up being cheaper paying as we went (NOTE: This takes into account that we normally only drink water at meals and only have desserts occasionally). Problem was, no matter how much I showed the wife we were actually saving money, at the TS restaurants she would always order one of the cheapest meals on the menu. So, even though for us it is more expensive to use the DP (the 1 TS and 1 CS meal daily), we always splurged for it just because it was pre-paid, and it alleviated any guilt at ordering whatever we wanted off the menu. Psychologically it didn't hurt as much if it was paid for long before we arrived... lol. Doesn't look like the DP will be back in time for this year's trip, so... *sigh*
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