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Seems Disneyland Paris have just won a prestigious Tripadvisor Top Destination award , ranking 1st in the world as the top “amusement & water park”. I believe these awards go off reviews in the last 12 months and not overall score, showing that the team at DLP are smashing it & exceeding expectations.

Believe Siam Park and Islands were top last year.
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They listened to all your complaints! 😁
All I said was make this


More like this !

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Nooooooooo :(. Bummer. I am going to be there 6th through 9th of August!!!! I really wanted to see there storybookland, boats and Casey Jr. Love the Anaheim one.
Yeah I am there there from the 1st to the 4th so a bit sad we will also miss out on the reopening by a few weeks!


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I think, if anything, the opposite has happened and people are avoiding visiting due to the Olympics
For me I sort of banked on it. When I booked the trip it occurred to me that it might not be too busy cuz everybody will be focused on the Olympics. I hope this plays out in my favor meaning the parks aren't very busy cuz I'll be visiting during the Olympics but only for 2 or 3 days and I really want to see it all.


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Thank you. I'm actually there were five nights at Sequoia Lodge. Tues, thurs and Fri in the parks. Wed just going to Paris. Book the tourist things, The Eiffel Tower and a River Cruise.
Replying to myself.....

I would not be opposed to a mini Meetup at maybe the Sequoia Lodge bar on Monday night or Wednesday night.


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Ha yes, saw this... Newport Bay 4 Adults, 3 nights, 4 days including Park tickets £1200 or Marvel £1600!!!

We have a NBC stay booked (start of august) for 1850 atm!! (Just need for my mates who booked it to wake up as we only have the deposit down so far, so hopefully will be able to change!)
So it turns out the saving wasn't as much as I originally worked out 😂 (As it included our 400 Euro worth of Buffet at the Royal Banquet 😂 )

But as it worked out the same price, we have changed to a garden terrace room at HNY!!!! So that will be the first time I've stayed there since the Marvel refurb so I'm suddenly very excited! (I've been in the lobby and bars!)

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