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News Magic of Disney at MCO to close - new store in Spring 2019


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Try TSA pre check and the new CLEAR. Have them both it makes traveling a lot easier
I don’t travel enough to justify paying for precheck, but I have used it through the lottery 3-4 times and it’s super convenient.

The problem is ultimately total throughput capacity and the institutional memory of the staff. The Florida airports I’ve flown through post 9/11 , MCO, FLL and PBI, have all had terrible TSA waits.


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I generally always fly in on that side, and I'll miss the Magic of Disney store. It's a tradition to pop in and explore it after riding the tram to the main terminal.
Guess I'll have to make the short stroll over to the Earport on my upcoming trip while the new one is being built.

These darn first-world problems!!


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I remember always feeling excited once you see this after you get off the plane. I'm going to miss seeing that in the future.

You have two different stores in those images. The first image/store isn't going away. The store with the sorcerer Mickey is going away though.


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We checked it out for the first time last week when we found that our flight was delayed. The shelves weren't that stocked but my wife did find a shirt she liked there after going to the parks and Disney Springs and striking out.


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The stores years ago used to be located beyond security in the center atrium with the food courts. Those stores were small but I remember visiting them when I was a kid.


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Bummer its like a little piece of the magic remaining as you depart.....I usually picked up the antenna bobbers I like there....bummed my new vehicle will not have a place for one!

As for security, its always so anticlimactic.....I was told it was so bad because they failed their security inspection, and that year was the worst, we were corralled like cattle and the little "motivator" dude was literally shouting " ya ya ya" and waving arms like we WERE cows....took like an hour and a half too.....and no theming whatsoever:angelic:(ha)
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