Magic Kingdom Parade DURING Fay! WOW! -Video-

Wow! I'm with the previous do you dry those costumes out without them ruining or something? I can't believe they didn't cancel the parade.


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Those CMs deserve a medal for performing in that !!!

We were at AK in August 06 and the parade was cancelled because there was a storm nearby - go figure :hammer:


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Maybe the parade started before the rain did:shrug:

I actually heard from a CM who was there and you're correct, from what he said it DID start before the rain and right when the big Mickey float started is when the skies opened up and it started pouring. He also said they only sent out half of the floats and one went out, went around the town square of Main St. and went right back in!


That is nuts! It rained here for three days without stopping, why run a parade? And why did Piglet and Tigger leave threw the side street and the parade kept going? It looks like they told the cast member they had enough and left.:ROFLOL:


Look at the speed that those floats were travelling at!

They could get a speeding ticket for that!


Yeah, I have seen that at AK with MJJP. Started raining at the end and the floats were whizzing through Africa to get backstage.


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Amazing video. Those CM's should have a little something extra in their pay checks for that one. It did look like they had a faster, shorter version of the parade. I'd like to hear the CM's conversation after that in the locker rooms.


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Those poor people in that parade! Although I like in the 2nd clip where the floats are just whizzing by and you can see Jiminy Cricket with his umbrella and everyone else is just soaked through. I bet someone got hit with that umbrella when they got backstage (about 3 seconds later based on the speed they're traveling).


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That"s ridiculous. I like the part when tweedle dum/tweedle dee plays in the puddle... it made me chuckle. the show must go on!

hpyhnt 1000

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Y'know, I was in a really lousy mood just a few minutes ago, but those videos just made my day. I'm sure Jimminy wasn't very well liked in the locker room afterward. :lol: And I didn't know that the floats could even go that fast. Who knew! :ROFLOL:


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The videos were intersting and brought back memories of those days that I was there with Fay. I really didn't like some of the comments the you tube people posted about the video....some were wondering why Disney would keep the parks open during the tropical storm and basically calling people stupid for going to the parks in that weather. Well, I know in my case I was on vacation from far away, what else was I going to do, sit in my room and stare at the tv all day. I'm very thankful the parks didn't get shut down.

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