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Magic Kingdom character changes


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Pixar villains are never usually displayed.

Wouldn't count of Lotso.

Well actually, Lotso is the only Toy Story 3 character we are expecting to get at the Studios. Buzz and Woody will also continue to greet Guests at Pixar Place.


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Well, thats certainly a mixed bag there. Ariel and Prince Eric don't make sense, Chip and Dale are kinda weird, Stitch is good, Goofy is out of place, Snow White is good, and Pooh is okay I suppose but not really.

Of course, I don't bother to even meet the characters when I'm in the parks so why do I care? :lol:

Made me laugh :ROFLOL::wave::ROFLOL:


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Ok - So Ariel WITH legs - in her SEAFOAM dress????


My DD will be thrilled! I can see we will need to pack DD's seafoam dress next trip.

And Prince Eric? My DS will be thrilled! There just aren't enough Princes in the Parks, so this is awesome.

Thank you Fantasyland Expansion!


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I still want to know if the rumors of adding Clarabelle and Horace to the Frontierland Hoedown Happening are true.

And why hasn't Brer Fox appeared in it yet?


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The Ariel/Eric line will be fine. Character Attendants know how to cut the line. Well, most do. They deal with this at Epcot all the time. Often times Beast's line needs to be cut before Beast is even seen. Santa's line is also usually cut before he even shows up. Snow White's line will be cut the second she arrives because people have already been waiting for her. Speaking of Snow White, gee, of course we should put her in another spot with NO SHADE. That makes perfect sense. She's going to start to look like her sister, Rose Red. And then of course there is the problem of Snow White having to continue to disappear for both Dream Along With Mickey and her meet and greets in Cinderella's Royal Table. I think perhaps they will rethink this wishing well idea.


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I totally agree. I really dislike the idea of Snow White at Cinderella's wishing well right around the corner from Belle's garden, smashed up on a busy sidewalk where I can't imagine there is room for a queue. Seems really awkward... I hope they change it. She has her own attraction, for crying out loud... find her a spot over there!


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I really like the idea of the wishing well photo location because it's different! I like that they've thought "out of the box" to put characters in a unique location.

I don't think they're going to rethink it anytime soon -- there has been a "Snow white / wishing well" themed border available on PhotoPass since the beginning of the year. I couldn't figure out what it was for until this announcement came out.

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