News Magic Kingdom’s Flag Retreat Returns


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And kudos to Eileen Underwood for her comments in the official statement:

“It has been an honor for our security cast to keep our flag flying every day over Magic Kingdom since the park first opened in 1971,” said Army veteran Eileen Underwood, Magic Kingdom’s senior security manager. “We were thrilled to resume our daily flag retreat ceremonies to honor our country and those who serve around the world in defense of our freedoms. It’s a special moment for all our guests that really reaffirms the feeling that this is truly a magical place.”


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We had never seen it until 4 years ago when we were having dinner at Tony’s and had a good spot from our table. We were so moved by it we knew we wanted to make sure to experience it every trip that we usually take every few years. The next time we were having dinner there again but a different room so a few of us just went outside to view it.


Great to see this return. I don't always get to see it when we visit but it is a memorable experience. As a Disney fan and a veteran I would love to participate someday if given the opportunity.


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From March 15th, last year. A WWII vet who served aboard Essex class aircraft carrier USS Antietam (named after the Civil War battle).


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Anyone remember the dove release they used to do at the flag retreat? I remember it from my visits as a kid, not sure when they stopped it.


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Hawk nests are no joke! I had a situation in central FL where hawks were nesting and flying at and buzzing people, but all were only close calls. Risk mgmt said to only put signs and avoid them due to the permit and relocation “hassle”. One day the risk manager herself was leaving from a second story exterior stairwell and a hawk dive bombed, but made contact that time, pretty cut up, but what I would consider lucky for what could have happened. Guess what hassle we suddenly had the time and patience to address after that.

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Terrific! And I'm glad to see the live music. For a time, they played recorded music. Disneyland had live music when I was there-much better. Is the time published? I'd really like to see it when I'm there.


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great to hear! We were in the MK late last year, hadn't been in a long time. Things really hit me when I was close enough to see them lower the flag (the did not have the ceremony, yet they did it proper, giving the flag the respect it deserves! I recalled times I have been in the parks w/ the many flags at half staff -- the mouse that is so America! One of my personal highlights from 2020!



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This is a great thing to watch, and I’m glad it’s back.

I was able to get my dad in as the “Veteran of the Day” on the last day of our last family trip together in December 2007. It was a “thank you” from me to him for all the WDW trips that we were able to make, and it is a memory I will cherish forever.

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