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Magic band question from a novice lol

Nick Garrick

Original Poster
Ok so I just became an annual pass member last week so I’m still figuring some things out esp about the magic bands. Have a BFF who has NEVER been to WDW in her life - when she visits next she wants to go up for the day.
So the ? Is: since I’m AP holder, got 2 bands linked to my account - she needs to open her own WDW account, we get her a Magic band, I link it up & then we’d be able to get fast passes together etc once we decide on the date, & she buys her ticket. Is that how it would work in this scenario? But she HAS to buy the ticket first right? Thanks for any help guys.


Well-Known Member
Your guest buys a ticket entitlement, she links it to her MDE account and she adds you as "friend and family" and you set the permissions for either to manage your accounts. You can then create a party with both people and then make fastpass+ reservations together.
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