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It seems like everything lately that’s been done by Marvel wants to belittle white males and at the same time prop up females or black people. Thankfully they don’t own Spiderman or else for some made up reason MJ would be saving Peter Parker from Green Goblin. I’m all for powerful females and black males, but not if every show and movie is about them and they have to belittle the white males in the process. They seem to want to put too many inconsequential Female side characters in movies and shows instead of important Male characters (Fantastic 4, Xmen, Submariner, Ghost Rider, etc) and replace the ones they do have with cheaper female versions.

They have been doing the same thing with their other IP’s as well. Star Wars, Percy Jackson and also their lame Disney Channel stuff, that I can’t watch. The only good thing on Disney+ has been “The Mandolorian” and that’s because everyone is presented as equals. Cara Dune didn’t need to come in and make Mando look like a total wimp. It doesn’t matter Male, Female, Alien and even droid, no one is held down. If anything the baby alien’s the most powerful being in the series.


WandaVision – (White Female, inconsequential Black Female side character)
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – (Black Male, Black male takes established White Males’ spot, inconsequential Mixed Race Female side character villain)

Loki – (Saved by a White Female, knocked out easily by a Black Female)
Hawkeye – (White Female takes established White Male’s spot)
Moon Knight – (Saved by a gender swapped Egyptian Female, inconsequential Egyptian Female side character)
Ms. Marvel - (Pakistani Female)
She-Hulk – (White Female, White Female takes established White Male’s spot)
Secret Invasion – (Black Male)
Agatha: House of Harkness – (White Female, Stars an inconsequential White Female side character)
Armor Wars – (Black Male)
Echo - (Native, Deaf Female, Stars an inconsequential Native, Deaf Female side character)
Ironheart – (Black Female takes established White Males’ spot, Stars an inconsequential Female side character)
Wakanda series – (Black Males and Females)


Black Widow – (Mostly White Female cast, inconsequential Black Male side character)
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – (Asian Male, inconsequential Asian Female side character)
Eternals – (Asian Female hero, Mostly NonWhite heroes)
Doctor Strange – (Superpowerful White Female easily kills White Male’s, inconsequential Puerto Rican Female side character)
Thor: Love and Thunder – (White and Black Females take established White Males’ spot)
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – (rumored) (Black Female takes established Black Males’ spot)
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – (Saved repeatedly by a much tougher White Female)
The Marvels – (Mostly Female cast, White, Black and Pakistani)
Fantastic Four – (Bound to be some Race Swaps and maybe even Gender Swaps)

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Isn't it just as bad to present exactly the same tropes just swapping whichever identity you choose with another? It just prolongs the trope.

Something is superior, something is inferior, and some are just window dressing or plot devices.
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