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We go often but we often end up at the same places and I’m trying to make a point to try new menus all the time. I feel like I have a good handle on TS meals but where are your favorite QS stops? And what specifically? Thanks


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We like Columbia Harbour House. The couple times we have been there it didn’t seem crazy busy and it just felt a little more relaxed than other QS. We also like the lobster roll.


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Magic Kingdom: I also fave-rave Columbia Harbour House, and get their chicken tenders. I like to sit upstairs on the area above the border between Liberty Square and Fantasyland. Plus I like the aroma of the place, and the nautical atmosphere.

Disney's Hollywood Studios: I like the salads at Hollywood Studios' Pizzerizzo and ABC Commissary. Although I don't know if I'll like them for sure or not, I'm looking forward to the sandwiches at Andy's Lunch Box.

Can't think of any favorite QS at Animal Kingdom or Epcot. Epcot, to me, is all about table service restaurants.


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Columbia Harbour House
Pinocchio Village House
Sleepy Hollow
Tomorrowland Terrace (when its open)


Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles
Katsura Grill
Liberty Inn
Sunshine Seasons
Tangierine Cafe


Backlot Express
Rosie's All American Cafe


Flame Tree BBQ
Yak and Yeti Local Foods


Cookes of Dublin(TL)
Daily Poutine (TC)
Earl of Sandwich (MP)
Food Trucks at Exposition Park (WS)
Wolfgang Puck Express (MP)
Yesake (WS)


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Columbia Harbour House-Trio Platter or Combination Platter, Grilled Salmon, Lobster Roll
Pecos Bill's-Southwest Salad w/Chicken, Fajita Platter with fixings bar
Be Our Guest-French Onion Soup (snack), Carved Turkey Sandwich, French Dip Sandwich (I liked the other beef sandwich better)


Liberty Inn-Surf & Turf-my 9-year-old loved the steak!
Sunshine Seasons-Power Salad, Oak-Grilled Rotisserie Chicken, Rueben Panini
Tangierine Cafe-Chicken and Lamb Shawarma Platter


ABC Commissary-Mediterranean Salad with Chicken


Flame Tree BBQ-Ribs, Chicken and Pulled Pork Sampler (shareable), Onion Rings (snack)
Satu'li Canteen-Grilled Beef and/or Chicken Bowl with Red and Sweet Potato Hash (Base), & Charred Green Onion Vinaigrette (sauce)

I try not to eat too many burgers, chicken nuggets/strips, and fries. My choices are limited somewhat at QS.
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