News lululemon store coming to Disney Springs replacing the Trophy Room


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Who wears this stuff🤔
It's a massive trend. I'd wager any female who:
1 - is of any affluence
2- who follows trends
3 - lives within driving distance of a store
4 - between the ages of 12 and 52
5 - who works out and/ or wears leggings
wears Lulu.
My daughter is in Junior High - Lululemon leggings are THE THING to wear. My son is in High School - he'll tell you every girl at his school is wearing them. I take yoga at least twice a week. It's a sea of Lululemon tops and bottoms in every yoga class.
I don't tend to follow trends, so I'm still wearing the same Target yoga leggings from (no joke) 10 years ago - but if those wear out, I might give thought to buying a pair of Lululemon leggings.

well they sell size 0 -14. I think they'll do well.
Agreed. I don't own any of their clothing myself, but my teenage daughter adores it. I'd say she shops there at least once a month. When we were at Disney Springs last month she said she wished they had a Lululemon store. If Zara can make it, Lulu will do just fine.


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In the Parks
Who wears yoga pants? Been to the parks lately? :)
Not since last year. ;)

Not the yoga pants part; Lululemon. I honest never heard of it. Then again, I don't really do yoga and don't care about my wife's yoga pants.

Hold up, she does yoga?🤔


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It's a Canadian brand - so perhaps the perception of it is different here. But they make a lot more than leggings now. In fact quite a lot of business casual attire. I wear their men's dress pants pretty much daily now.

As a male, I am not in the minority, whatsoever.

Meanwhile every 20-40 year old female Canadian has a wardrobe stuffed with Lululemon.


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I can't tell if folks are joking on this thread or not ... I would have said lululemon wouldn't be welcome because it is too popular and mainstream ... and not unique enough for DS. It will certainly do booming business, just as it does in every mid- to high end mall and lifestyle center around the country.

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