News lululemon store coming to Disney Springs replacing the Trophy Room


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Who wears this stuff🤔
It's a massive trend. I'd wager any female who:
1 - is of any affluence
2- who follows trends
3 - lives within driving distance of a store
4 - between the ages of 12 and 52
5 - who works out and/ or wears leggings
wears Lulu.
My daughter is in Junior High - Lululemon leggings are THE THING to wear. My son is in High School - he'll tell you every girl at his school is wearing them. I take yoga at least twice a week. It's a sea of Lululemon tops and bottoms in every yoga class.
I don't tend to follow trends, so I'm still wearing the same Target yoga leggings from (no joke) 10 years ago - but if those wear out, I might give thought to buying a pair of Lululemon leggings.

well they sell size 0 -14. I think they'll do well.
Agreed. I don't own any of their clothing myself, but my teenage daughter adores it. I'd say she shops there at least once a month. When we were at Disney Springs last month she said she wished they had a Lululemon store. If Zara can make it, Lulu will do just fine.


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In the Parks
Who wears yoga pants? Been to the parks lately? :)
Not since last year. ;)

Not the yoga pants part; Lululemon. I honest never heard of it. Then again, I don't really do yoga and don't care about my wife's yoga pants.

Hold up, she does yoga?🤔


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It's a Canadian brand - so perhaps the perception of it is different here. But they make a lot more than leggings now. In fact quite a lot of business casual attire. I wear their men's dress pants pretty much daily now.

As a male, I am not in the minority, whatsoever.

Meanwhile every 20-40 year old female Canadian has a wardrobe stuffed with Lululemon.


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Maybe they'll appeal to the "target audience" then? I see the store doing fine, actually. It's a popular brand.
The target audience is definitely not the overall Disney guest. Look for the store to shutter in 1-2 years.
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