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Love rain at WDW. Am I nuts?


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It's probably because I live in the desert and see less than 5 inches of rain a year. But I actually root for rain when I'm in Disney World. Anybody else out there do this? Or am I just crazy? :shrug:
I love the diminished crowds when rain moves in. But it's not just that. Orlando has such tropical, jungle like plant life compared to Palm Springs. I feel like when it rains, that is being sustained. Some of my favorite memories at the World is sitting on the patio of my Disney resort and just watching and hearing the rain come down.
By the way, my wife thinks I'm crazy and would like nothing better that nonstop sunshine throughout our WDW trips. Any other crazy people like me?


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While I do enjoy the sunshine as much as the next person, as you point out, rain has it's benefits. It's amazing how many people hide from falling water and we make the most of that when in the parks. The only downside is getting wet shoes for an extended period of time - that'll kill your feet. Shoot, we still have several of the old yellow ponchos and bring them every visit. Those were more fun than the see-thru ones now. It was a hoot trying to figure out whose kid belonged to who when everybody had a yellow cover.
I agree--I see plenty of rain at home, but at WDW it does tend to clear out the parks. I think a lot of visitors don't get that most of the storms are just a tropical downpour/cloudburst type of thing and pass really quickly. After they run and hide, we put our ponchos on and enjoy short lines! Once we were there during a minor hurricane--that was fun, too! (I'm sort of a weather junkie, though!)
Last visit, we were the only people not sheltering and we walked onto the Magic Carpets of Aladdin (just me and DH both aged 50+). They said we were mad, but let us go round twice when I explained that the last time I did this ride, it was during a blizzard at DLP. We ended up having a great conversation with a group of CMs about DLP as none of them had been.
Being from Southern California we seldom get any "real" weather so when we would run in to thunder storms during our August trips we just thought of it as another attraction.
Well, I get more than enough rain here in New England, but I do think that the rain in WDW has its benifits, such as a smaller crowd, but usually if its only rain most of the attractions are still running. Also, the park is glimmering after it rains, usually the rain is so hard that it gives the park a nice cleaning. I don't mind it, but I also love a sunny day too
I don't mind the rain either, because it does have the tendency to clear the park. I guess a lot of people aren't aware that if you don't like the weather in Florida - wait five minutes! :lol:

The only thing I do NOT like about the rain is that attractions tend to be over-air conditioned, and when I'm wet or even just damp from the rain, I freeze when I go inside. :eek:


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I just love it when it rains and thins crowds out.I also love when sitting at Cosmic Rays and watching the rain fall or while riding TTA and seeing people scramble to the next ride.


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:sohappy: Rain at the right time brings out the "Rainy Day Parade" at MK. :sohappy: It runs one way on Main St. and then comes back:wave: The CM's along the route really get into this parade. Best parade at WDW:D
I dont mind the rain....just put a poncho on and keep moving.... I remember 2 years ago my family went and the last 3 days there were NO lines...we just walked on every ride and could usually stay on the next time through as nobody was there....Finally I asked a cast member what the deal was why nobody here at the parks. He said have you not been watching the news...a hurricane is heading right towards florida and aimed for the orlando area....I said heck im at WDW why do i want to ruin my trip watching the news...anyway the hurricane turned north abruptly and went up the coast...so we got about 3 days of NO lines...best trip to WDW i ever had.... :sohappy:
like how the crowds die down but it stinks when they shut down most of the rides when it rains such as splash and thunder mtn.

totally agree on the wet feet, those are the worst if your wearing sneakers and it rains for an extended period of time ouch! then the humidty returns

i miss the old school yellow ponchos. i think they held up better then the clear ones, they rip really easy


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We usually go in november, and it doesn't rain often around that time of year. Last November though, it rained a couple of times very briefly and I actually liked it. It definately thins the crowds out, and I think its so much cozier in the parks when it rains! For some reason, I love being in Epcot when it rains because theres so much to do there thats indoors and walking from country to country in the rain is fun too! Its always a bummer though when they shut down Test Track even when its sprinkles!