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Love bugs in WDW


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Coming up for a trip on Friday. Have the love bugs subsided yet? Any reports from the parks today?


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I hope this answers your question. This was Saturday (May 18) in the AK parking lot. Also, my family went to SeaWorld to watch Earth, Wind, and Fire and their keyboardist had a fly swatter he was using during the concert.
My wife and I encountered the September version of them one year. They honestly made parts of the trip a little unbearable. The bus stops at the Coronado Resort were literally blanketed with them.


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In my area (near Magic Kingdom), it has gotten better...not seeing so many of them. However, I have also been to other places the past few days (including the Animal Kingdom parking lot), where they are still abundant. You should see the lines at the local car washes over the past few weeks!!!!


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The infestations varies depending on what part of town you're in. I live in Windermere and they have somewhat moved on. However, last night at Wilderness Lodge they were out and about in full force.
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