Longest you have gone between trips


Floridians, we live a 2-hour drive away. We have been visiting about four times a year, for 2- to 3-night stays. Last trip was in December 2019. We may try to squeeze in one more trip before the APs expire in April, but, because of the significant loss of value to AP’s, we do not plan to renew them. So our visits may happen a lot less often in the future.


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Had to think about it for a bit, I went when I was just a kid in either 75 or 76 and did not return again until 2013 and I have been back every year since 2013

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I went on 2 Disney trips while in Highschool for marching band, 2006/7 (NYE) and DLR in 2009. Didn’t go again until I was married in 2016 and we’ve been at least once a year since then! We now joined DVC and have AP from Ohio and will probably go twice a year from now on.


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5 years, right now and 5 things are keeping me away:
1) The cost
2) Many rides shut down
3) Construction everywhere
4) COVID 19
5) Journey Into the Imagination!


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I think a year when I was a baby?

That I can remember...seven months this year due to the pandemic and I was climbing the walls to go back.

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Well 30 years if you count the time between when my parents took me at age 8 and the time I took my own kids at age 38 in 2007. LOL. But since 2007, the longest I've gone without visiting SOME Disney park is now (was last there in December 2018) and I suspect it will be MUCH longer before my family feels safe enough to go back. :-(


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The first time I went to WDW was in 1973. I didn’t return until my honeymoon in 1990, so 17 years. Next time back was 2003, 13 years. The next trip was 2008 but since then the longest has been 32 months. Was planning on Dec. 2020 but that is being pushed back to Dec. 2021. Last trip was Jan. 2019. Had been to DLR more than WDW as a kid not sure why my family did that.

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I am trying to figure how what surprises me more, how often or how infrequently some people go.
The first time I went to Disney was on my honeymoon. A day trip in 1986. My next trip was in 1989,
then 1992, 1998, 2000 and 2004. After that it was 2014 to run the Disney Marathon. I then went in
2015 & 2016, 2018 and 2020. The trips since 2014 have included the Marathon. I have never gone
more than once a year.

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Five years. College and living abroad. But did visit DL and DLP in the interim. ;) As of now, haven't been back since opening day of Rise and most likely won't be back for another two years.
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Wow. Florida to Pennsylvania ? It's usually 99% the other way around. I hope that PA job is a good one. I'm in PA too. When we started going to Disney in the late 90's as a family, we tried to go every year, but I do remember when times were tough, we had a few two year spans. But that has changed. When my daughter was in the Disney College Program four years ago, we took advantage of the perks and visited three times in four months. Then we really got the bug and bought into DVC. Also, with the cheap airfare in the past four months, we've flown down for around $60 round trip three times. My daughter moved to Jacksonville this past summer, so we have an excuse to head down more to visit.


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Right now is probably the longest I've gone without some type of trip. We cancelled our trip this year and don't have another planned until next year so that would make it 2 years.

I did go once as a child with my parents, I did not count that as we hated it and everyone vowed to never go back.

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