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Longest you have gone between trips


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We had about 5 trips in before we had kids. We did not go from Dec 2000, when I was pregnant with my first, till Sept of 2003. My kids are 13 months apart. We were not going to take a small baby to the parks and so we waited until our youngest was 18 months old. I have been going pretty much every year since.


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5 years. My mom was the one to drive us going on trips and it took a few years after she died for us to go. It took a band trip right after I graduated high school to go again. Most in between now is 2 year due to things like job changes or this year is missed with the pandemic. We have plans to go back next year though.


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I have lived in Florida for over 3 decades. I recently moved to Philly for work, and haven't been to WDW since December of last year. I have been craving to visit WDW bad lately, I don't remember the last time I felt the need to visit this bad. However, I don't know when we will be back. As someone that could drive to the parks whenever the need arose this is a strange feeling now being so far away that I actually have to plan a full vacation to get back. I am starting to empathize with all the non-FL residents I have read about on these forums over the years. With all that said, what's the longest you have gone between visits?

We went a lot when I was little because my grandparents spent winters down there (from Michigan). The stopped doing that in 1991 and we didn't make it back again until 2003. Our next trip after that was in 2008. I was a Disney parks obsessed child too. Constantly watched the updates they used to do on Disney Channel- I wanted to see the castle cake so badly and remembering when Pop Century opened that I was absolutely going to stay there one day (it's our go to resort now).

Once I graduated from college, I made it to either DL/WDW once a year with the exception of 2017 (got married, took our honeymoon in Jan 2018) and 2020 (we were supposed to go in May, then moved to December, moved again to May of 2021, and pretty much expecting to move it to the fall of next year...hoping that works out, at least).


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11 years, from 2008 to 2019. Until then I went every year or three. There were a lot of reasons for the large gap... but a good part of it was the transition from my children being teens to them becoming adults. There was something special about the 2019 trip where they were able to pay their own way and also choose their own paths once we were there. I'm guessing we'll go again in a few years... perhaps with grandkids?


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24 years, between my first and second visit. Since then, no longer than 2 years, but if we don't book a trip for fall of 2021, that streak will be broken, and it's not looking promising at this point, barring a major move back to regular operations.


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I guess it can depend on what you define as a "trip". It was a full 22 years between my last going with my family in 1976 until I went again with my fiancee and her family in 1998...for what I would consider a "trip".

Now, there were a few times over those 22 years like when I took a seminar in Kissimmee; had TDY at McDill AFB in Tampa; or attended a contract meeting near Orlando. All three times I managed to get away and spend a short time in the Magic Kingdom or Disney Springs. But those were times when I was by myself and not actually staying at Disney. So I really do not consider those times worthy of the title "Disney trip".

erasure fan1

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Our biggest gap is now. Our last trip was 2015 in the parks. We went to Estero beach in 2016 and we stayed a few days at the Poly to use some DVC points but didn't bother going to the parks. We had planned a trip this summer but we all know how that turned out. So if things are better next summer, I have my doubts it will be, that puts us at 6yrs between going to the parks. And before that we went every year since 95 except the year my oldest and middle child were born.


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The longest gap was from 2000-2008. But after moving back to North Carolina from Orlando after 5 years in May, this it has been a few months since I last went.

John park hopper

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When my boys were growing up we went often and then when they started college funds were tight and there was a 19 year span we did not go. Went in 2017, so much of what I remembered was gone --a little disappointing at first. Went again in 2019


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Our last visit was most likely the "BEST" in Dec 2019. When we shall return unfortunately who knows ? We have been discussing it recently and consensus is 2022 ? I don't know if we can make it that long from now, it will be very very difficult but this damn COVID has really fouled all future plans. This issue plus what exactly what WDW is going to do with DVC members and points is still a mystery.


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Didn't go for the first time until I was 36. I'd been to Disneyland a good number of time, but my first time at WDW was actually just a few months before I got a job there.
Then I had a big gap from 2011 until 2018, with living in Missouri.
Had 4 trips in 2 years, 2018 and 2019.
I don't expect to be back for a few more years. 2021 certainly doesn't look to be in play, and not sure that 2022 will be. We'll see when it works out again.

Disneyland I ended up with 15 years between trips.

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