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Hi all. Have been to WDW many times but need some advice on some logistics.

- staying at an offsite hotel near Downtown Disney for a few days
- moving to Saratoga springs and going to Epcot the day of the hotel move.
- I will move the car and our bags between hotels that morning… but want the family to get to Epcot for rope drop (I’ll get there whenever)

- will Saratoga let me park there at 6am or so… before we check-in later that day?
- can the fam take a bus from Downtown Disney to Epcot in time for the rope drop? Not sure busses run early enough
- any advice on how you’d get to Epcot early on that day?

TIA for your advice and wisdom!



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The guard booth at Saratoga Springs (and all Disney resorts) is staffed 24/7 so you will be allowed to park. Buses to the parks DO NOT RUN from Disney Springs, so your best option is to move your belongings from offsite hotel WITH your family, and take the bus to Epcot from Saratoga Springs. Be at the bus stop by 7:45 am to allow plenty of time to arrive for early entry.
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What Tuvalu said.
We do the same thing every trip. The drive for us is about 7 1/2 hours so we stay somewhere (less expensive) off site the night before. We usually hit Disney Springs that night for dinner and until we give out for the day. Our first park day we drive in early, park at the WDW motel where we are staying, then catch the bus. :)
Just don't forget you will have to unload when you get back to the motel when you are tired from the day at Epcot. :(
I think the main reason they don't run busses from DS to the parks is because people would try to park there to avoid paying for parking.
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You could also drive your family to EPCOT for rope drop. Parking is free for resort guests - which you will be one that day. Just drop them off and go to the hotel, if that is your plan. Or stay with the family in EPCOT and go back to the hotel whenever.
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