Trip Report Loco goes to Hollywood!

Hello once again my friends. It’s finally time for another TR from yours truly(it’s been over a year since the last one)! This one will be a bit different, since we travelled to Southern California rather than our usual destination of WDW. We packed a lot into one week, and I’m happy to share here with you fine people. Let’s get started shall we?

Day one

We had a fairly early flight out of Dallas. I had enough points for us to get a hotel room the night before so we didn’t have to feel rushed getting over there(it’s about a two hour drive).

We spent the evening before departure playing top golf. We were going to be joined by some friends of ours, but some issues arose and they were unable to join us. We still had fun!

Such grace. Such power.

The wife who is a new golfer.

Our plan of getting a good nights rest before our flight was not to be. It wasn’t that we were too excited to sleep. Far from it actually, as the hot night of hitting golf balls had really taken it out of us. No the reason we couldn’t sleep was because the hotel was having issues with the fire alarm, and it went off every two hours. The entire night. Without fail.

On the plus side we were quite close to love field airport. Our arrival and boarding process all went smoothly and we departed right on time.

A bit of a shock to the system going from 98 degrees and humid the day before to 65 and cloudy! I wasn’t complaining!

After a bit of trouble getting my phone to work I was finally able to get an Uber ordered and we made it to Anaheim without any major traffic problems.

Because we had to make some pretty big changes to our original plans, we actually ended up staying at the Hyatt Place by the convention center for a few nights before going on property at DLR. I don’t have any photos, but the rooms here are very spacious and well appointed, and a nice breakfast is included. It’s a bit of a walk to Disneyland, but it is directly across from the Toy Story parking lot, so we just walked over to that shuttle and security checkpoint. It was actually faster to get to the parks from there than at our room at Disneyland Hotel! I’d recommend the Hyatt to anyone looking to save some money, but still wanting a nice place to stay.

Anyways, we got checked in and the hotel had a room available early for us. We got settled in our room and caught a little nap before heading over to downtown Disney to grab a bite to eat.

We had lunch out on the balcony at Ballast Point. I ordered the fish tacos and A had a burger. We both enjoyed the meal and the people watching from up on the patio.

Downtown Disney had a few displays for Pixar Fest.


This is the large piece located on the promenade between the two parks.

We spent the afternoon checking out the resorts on property and trying to stay awake. I swear I had pictures from that afternoon, but my phone says otherwise. Nonetheless, we were in our room pretty early and called it a night around 9 PM despite our best offorts to stay awake.

Up Next : A day of fun in Orange County.
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I'm excited to hear more!
At first glance, I thought you were swinging a huge sledge hammer in your golf photo b/c of the box shaped thing above your club. 😂
New nickname for my driver! “The sledgehammer”. 🤣


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Can’t wait to hear all about it.
Welcome! Always glad to have you!

Third Place! Excited to read about your adventures!
Still made the podium!
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Following along!!
Welcome aboard!

So good to see you both back with another wonderful trip report. I'm also anxious to hear all about Disneyland, as I've never been there.
Glad to be back! We love Disneyland!

Following along! I love Disneyland trip reports. I really want to get there one day so I'm always taking notes :)
Get your notepad ready! We did a lot this trip!


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Day two.

Thanks to the time difference we were up bright and early. We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel before grabbing a ride over to Balboa Peninsula.

We enjoyed being by the beach before the crowds arrived. There were a few brave souls already jumping in the icy waters.

While @Tuvalu @riverside @TheMouseFan and others were experiencing typical Florida summer weather at WDW, we were enjoying this!

We had a nice stroll down the pier.


One of the “painters” of the pier.

They let us get a nice closeup.

No trip to Balboa is complete without a whale watching cruise from Davey’s Locker. We knew this would be a chilly ride out on the water, but we were ready!

A gloomy morning in the harbor.


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Day two continued.

Our captain let us know ahead of time that she hadn’t seen any whales for a few days, so we weren’t too dissatisfied that we didn’t see any on our trip. We did see a massive pod of dolphins!

The captain estimated the pod to be over 1000 dolphins. They were showing off for the boat!

Ever hopeful that I’d see a whale. Alas, the mighty blue whales had migrated north for the summer. Not pictured but we did see a great white shark as well.

One of us was smart enough to bring a hoodie.

Sea lions on the bouie(and millionaires on the coast).

The fog finally started to clear as we returned to the harbor.

It was shaping up to be a beautiful afternoon.


We grabbed lunch at chronic tacos(seen in the previous post), before heading back to the hotel to get a quick nap. We had some delay getting back, thanks to an unnamed presidential candidate being in town and having some streets blocked off.
We spent the evening doing one of our favorite things, catching a baseball game!

The Astros were in town to face the Angels. We much prefer the other team from Texas and the other team from LA, but more on that later in the trip! It was a beautiful night for a ballgame!

The road team took home the win, and we were treated to a nice fireworks show after the game. We headed back to the hotel to pack up and get ready for our days at Disney!

Coming up: Disneyland!
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Woohoooo!! Loco in motion with his beautiful wife - I'm in! Can't wait to see/hear about all the shenanigans!
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Haha. Loco in motion.
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Great to see you back doing another trip report. Looking forward to seeing your Disneyland adventures.
Glad to have you along!
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Looking forward to following along!! And I much would have preferred your weather over ours!!
Hey at least you had good company!

Yay! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!
Glad you’re here!


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Yay for Disneyland! I can't wait to see more. Did you fly into Long Beach? I flew out of there in March and really liked it, we will be using that airport again in August. I'm glad you had a good boat tour. We took one out of Newport Beach in March and had a fantastic time, we ran into one of the megapods of dolphins too and that really made the tour (well that and the 3 whales). Seriously though the dolphins were fantastic to watch.


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Did you fly into Long Beach? I flew out of there in March and really liked it, we will be using that airport again in August.
Yes I guess I should’ve mentioned that. It was our second time flying into Long Beach. It’s very small and convenient to Anaheim while usually being a good bit cheaper than John Wayne airport. The only issue we’ve had was flying out. If your flight gets delayed there’s very little in the way of food and stores there. Still better than dealing with LAX!

we ran into one of the megapods of dolphins too and that really made the tour (well that and the 3 whales).
This was our second time doing that and while we’ve enjoyed both trips, we’ve yet to see a whale.

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