Pre-Trip Loco brings a bonus Goof!

Yes I know @amjt660 and @wdisney9000 are doing PTRs for trips next week. Yes @Tuvalu appears to be ready to go next week as well, and at least one other kind lady who will remain nameless who lives on a certain island in NY. So am I! So you’re just gonna have to endure ANOTHER report from next week(after you finish reading the good ones)!


The usual suspects. Myself and the wife.

This trip will also feature one very sassy 10 year old, sweet miss C!



C is our nice. She has been trying to get us to take her to WDW with us for many many years. This year we(and her parents) finally caved! She has been to WDW only once, when she was barely five years old. She remembers a few things, but most things will feel like a brand new experience to her. She’s also never been to DHS or DAK, so those will be brand new things for her.

While we are excited to share the magic with C, we know it will be a big adjustment having her with us. We can be quite the park commandos at times, and that just won’t work with C, who walks at a much slower pace than I do. I have been practicing my “slow walk” all week at work to try and prep! 🤣


We’re returning to one of our old favorites!

With an early bonus night here.

We’re excited to get C trained up in the ways of the Loco Disney vacation!

I will probably post some updates from our trip in this thread, so keep watching! We leave in two days on another epic road trip!


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Ohh first in!! Yeah, can't wait to follow along!
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Looking forward to this trip report
( and maybe participating in it??)

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Will we or won’t we?

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Hope you both have a great time with your niece and your fellow magicians!
Bonus points for using Kermit, one of miss C’s favorite characters!

Yes! I’m in and I hope you have a great time!
Thanks! We’re sure gonna try!

Good deal!
The best!

Have a safe trip! Looks like a lot of magicians will be there at the same time!
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I am in and there will be some many of you there at the same time. But how exciting for C that she is getting to come along!
Thanks! It’s a little after 6 AM local time and she’s already let me know she’s ready to go(we leave tomorrow)! 🤣

Excited to hear about your upcoming vacation. Including your niece will be fun, too! P.S.: This trip, I had an idea for you -- how about a Zoom call with Pickle at home (wherever she's staying), so she can keep up with the festivities? 🐶 :joyfull: )
Haha. We have FaceTimed A’s mom while she keeps pickle before. Pickle flat out refuses to look at a phone screen though!

I hope you all have a wonderful time!!
Thanks Patti!


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I’m jealous of all the magicians that will be at WDW at the same time!

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Safe travels, and I hope you guys have a fantastic trip!
Haha, I know the feeling! Thanks!

So excited to read about your trip!!
Excited to have you follow along!

Sounds like a great trip!

It should be interesting that’s for sure!

I'll be keeping an eye out for you!!
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Oh I got this the other day!

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