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Location: Chef Mickeys

Discussion in 'Cast Member Appreciation' started by MaXXimus, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. MaXXimus

    MaXXimus New Member

    Nov 29, 2006
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    Wednesday June 20th was my daughters birthday (turning 17) and it started off bad from the beginning of the day with a hot, over crowded AK and minus the wife who had to stay back at the resort because of not feeling well. Things got worse because when we got back to our room my wife was in bad bad shape with a wicked migraine and needed to go to the hospital. My wife not wanting the entire day ruined told me and the birthday girl to go to dinner and the oldest daughter would go with her to the hospital.

    With all the confusion I never thought to double check my ADR time and while heading to the boat launch at WL I noticed that my ADR was suppose to be for 5:00 PM and it was now 5:30 PM and we had just missed the launch. I was in histerics trying to use my cell to get ahold of someone at Chef's but only got their answering machine and was afraid that our night was ruined. Once the launch came and we were able to get to the monorail there was a 10 minute delay and we didnt finally reach Chef's until a little after 6:00 PM.

    Once we got inside we had to wait another 10 minutes because of the line of people at the counter but when we finally got up to the counter I calmly explained the whole situation to the young woman there and asked her if there was anything at all that could be done to accomidate the 2 of us (original ADR was for 4) and she stepped back, explained how sorry she was for such a horrible day we were having and even went on to tell us that she hoped that my wife would be feeling better and be able to enjoy the rest of our trip. She then motioned for a young gentlemen to come over and spoke quietly with him for about a minute (assuming he was some sort of manager the way he was dressed) and then told us they would do everything possible to get as a table right away. She handed us a beeper and we headed back near the bar area to wait and I wasnt even half way to sitting down and the beeper went off. We were seated promptly and had a wonderful meal and many pictures with the characters.

    So my hats are off to the entire staff of Chef Mickey's for making what looked like a horrible end to a horrible day quickly become a magical moment for a magical place.

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