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We're headed to Disney in Spet. We'll have 8 days in the parks, and at least 3 of those days will be in the MK. I was wondering if the little ones travel time EMH at the MK was worth going to? I have a 5 and a 3 year old. Any help would be appreciated.


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Remember to move at the pace of your kids. Our first visit to WDW was summer of 1993 when my son was 6. We left our resort (Poly) around 10 each morning and headed out. By 1:00 or so, we would take a break and head back to the resort to swim for awhile. He usually caught a nap then, either on the bus or monorail. Then we'd head back to the park for the evening staying to watch the fireworks. This was pre-EMH but back when the MK was open everynight until midnight. We never made to midnight. If you want to see the rope drop then by all means try and get to the morning EMH. In the evenings, you need to stay at least an hour into EMH to start to see the less crowded lines. You didn't mention if you have the park-hopper feature. Parks with evening EMH tend to be more crowded on the EMH day. We almost never stay in one park all day. As we plan our vacation, we have an AM park and a PM park depending on EMH, parades, fireworks, where dinner is...etc. Remember to use FP. I didn't really answer your question I know. You know your kids, if they can handle getting up early every day to hit EMH and can deal with the late hours for EMH, then give it a try. My son is 20 now and he has trouble going non-stop for 8 days (so do I). Taking an afternoon swim now and then is a great way to recharge, especially for summer vacations.


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Little Ones Magic Hour

By all means take advantage of this time. My daughter loved it (she was 5). There were no lines at all in Fantasyland (the only part that is open). Moreover, there were wonderful opportunities for character interaction. (But no autographs I learned.) For instance, Wendy was riding on Peter Pan. (she rode with the girl right in front of us - the first ride of the day). Chip and Dale and Goofy (I think) were on the carousel and Chip and Dale rode next to my daughter. Pooh, Piglet, Tigger & Eyeore were in the Hundred Acres Woods playground area. Stitch (some like him, some hate him) was riding on Dumbo and my daughter got to ride with him. He was acting up, as usual, and she had a ball! This is a time not to be missed! Good luck.

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The Little Ones Magic Hour in the morning is great for character interaction as the others have said (We are not talking about the "normal" EMH)

The "no autograph" rule is designed to keep the characters free to move around. We went last year, and you will see the characters playing games with the children, as well as riding some of the attractions.

We definitely are going to go this year as well.

Obviosly getting there that early can be tough with little ones, but we just plan for a nap in the afternoon.


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I think it is definitely worth it. It is a lot of fun getting to play games with the characters (or even getting to ride certain attractions with them).

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