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Lilo and Stich DVD News

The Hurricane

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Lilo and Stich 2-Disc DVD News

Stand Back! There's A Hurricane Comin' Through!

News on 2-disc Special Edition:

"Are there any deleted scenes that were hard for you to cut out?",

both directors reveals that "There were a lot that were either completely changed or we had to remove because of lack of time. Some of these you'll be able to see on the limited edition DVD that will be coming out some time after the initial DVD release."

Have they started work on a Special Edition DVD yet?

"Yes and no. We will be doing new filming soon but we have a lot of the material that will be included already compiled." Confusing since the single-disc edition will already include deleted scenes and new animation... but this one came from the horse's mouth yesterday.

Credit goes to DVDtoons.com

The Hurricane

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Thanks to everyone who sent in details on Disney's Lilo and Stitch DVD. Unfortunately, there have been a LOT of questions, so we went straight to Disney to confirm the following information. Set to street on 12/3, this SINGLE-disc set (yes, that's right - SINGLE-disc) will include anamorphic widescreen video (1.66:1 aspect ratio), Dolby Digital 5.1 audio along with deleted scenes (presented in various states of completion), both new and old InterSTITCHals (aka teaser trailers), a featurette with country star Wynonna, the A-Teens music video for I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You, interactive games and the interactive DisneyPedia: Hawaii (featuring a behind the scenes look at the production and the island settings). SRP is $24.99. I also know that a number of features created for this disc, including director's commentary and the film's original "747" ending, are NOT on this edition. So I'm STILL left wondering if a 2-disc collector's edition isn't planned for 2003. I'll post more when I can confirm it.

Credit goes to www.thedigitalbits.com


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As you can see from my avatar I am a bonfide Lilo and Stitch fan. Probably get both DVD's. One for my son and, of course, one for me.

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