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Our host was terrible. Not very entertaining or funny. In fact we had a hard time understanding her.

The show plot is not very original. The action sequences were just OK. Very little WOW factor and no surprises. Little repeat value. Not sure if I would see it again.

While I didn't like the show my wife thought it was great.


I have now seen the stunt show 3 times and I have had different host everytime and I don't think the show is as bad as you have made it sound I do play to go again but I also like watching all the stunts


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LMA is just a bad attraction to me. Honestly, if you asked me if I wanted to see SGE or LMA, I'd choose SGE every time. The fake-filming is just absolutely silly - it's 2005 and it's no longer cute to pretend we are making a movie. Even the 6 year olds in the audience know better. There are also very few actual stunts for how long the show lasts. Add to that the huge it is to get in and out of, and you have the recipie for an attraction I won't bother visiting again.

On the other hand, it does suck up tons of people, so I'm glad it's there - helps thin out other areas of the park that tend to get over-crowded because of the design of the park.


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I know MGM is themed as a working studio, but camon theses fake filmings. Perhaps it would work better if the presentation was aimed at the mechanics of stunt work rather than pretendy filming. JMHO

As an aside, I still have fond memories of the street stunt show that played during the Indy makeover. Perhaps it was because I only saw it twice and it was new or maybe that the action was there right in front of you.

I also miss the Universal stunt show, as Sinbad has more cheese than Switserland.


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I'm still to experience LMA, but I do want to add that, based on some of the posts here, maybe the main problem is the whole lack of story thing. I mean, Indy follows scenes from the movie, so you know what's going on. And my second best stunt show in Orlando, The Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show at Universal, not only had a very simple storyline, it was funny, and the stunts added to all that.


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LMA is a must see...But after you've seen it there really a point to go through all the trouble of seeing it again? Nope.
The show is missing something. The stunts are great though.


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bgraham34 said:
I am looking forward to seeing this show. I have no prior Opinion and will make up my mind come December.
Don't be mislead by my own and other posts on here, It IS well-worth seeing at least once... our problem with it seems to be the minimal repeat value.


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objr said:
LMA is a must see...But after you've seen it there really a point to go through all the trouble of seeing it again? Nope.
The show is missing something. The stunts are great though.



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I love this thread. I've seen LMA many times in France and a few times in WDW and I have to say, I sorry but it's true, the WDW show is NOWHERE NEAR the Paris show. The driving is at best sloppy, if you're high up in the stands it really stands out how far off their marks they are. There are huge gaps between vehicles which are supposed to be close. In one show, the fire stunt, the flame barrier which is supposed to ignite the motorcycle rider blew out. "Oh well", I thought, "It happens all the time in Paris and they'll just light him up manually for the crowd as usual...." But no, they showed an old one on the screen and the rider walked off for a coffee. Terrible. I've said it before and I'll say it again, unless you've got mad Frenchmen behind the wheel, LMA is just boring, sorry.


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objr said:
LMA is a must see...But after you've seen it there really a point to go through all the trouble of seeing it again? Nope.
The show is missing something. The stunts are great though.

Totally agree, the Backstage tour is more fun and interesting no matter how many times I have seen it. Also, I really like Indy, I think it is done far better.


going away from the issue what does the rope do with the words underneath ' do not pull?????????????????????? i think its on this show???????:)


We saw it in May just after it opened. We were glad to have seen it, but going back to see it is unlikely. The stunts were neat, but the time between the 3 or 4 stunts was just too long. I realize it takes time to prepare a stunt, but they could have really done something much better. They should have had a way to have all the stunts prepped before the beginning of the show for the entire show. Even my 2 yo son thought the in-between bits were stupid. He loved the car chases and was screaming "red car, red car", but he was ready to leave each time after a stunt.

When we went they were showing Herbie movie previews to see the movie... what are they doing in that section now? Is it still something Herbie related, since they have the Herbie cars there?
Pumbas Nakasak said:
Now I was really looking forward to seeing this show this so I have to say I was most disappointed.
Ill be honest I don’t visit Indy every trip as seen once you know whets going to happen but this show was a new experience, the promo clips looked great, it wasn’t in France, and the general posts on here were good.we had a few problems getting into the show as the August weather did its bit to conspire against us, but having been handed a Fast pass ticket by a kindly cm we made the most of it.

I have two main issues with the show, 1st its that damn host, shes more in your face than a off road motor bike visor. Her high-pitched rantings really wore me down on a hot afternoon. I mean if you have to talk up the action in a stunt show then perhaps the action isn’t so hot.

Next was the show, yes there are great stunts, all expertly performed, but large chunks of the show are very similar and the “acting” sections were so bad it was as if they belonged in another scene. Also what the hekll is the point of the wet bikes, other than to add in another mode of performing the same type of stunt. Perhaps it was just an off show, but I doubt id rush to see it next visit.

The other issue is the rumour that this show will replace Indy, Im sorry but IMHO this show will not have the longevity of Indy as there’s no character to identify with, also in a stadium that size a lot of the intimacy of a live show is lost as you are so far away.

Worth doing once but that’s just to tick the check list.
You need to go back to Busch Gardens were you belong


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The A team

Based on the many descriptions, the LMA stunt show sounds kind of like watching episodes of "The 'A' Team" with the Jeeps overturning over and over.
"I love it when a plan comes together."
"I ain't going no airplane, Hannibal.":lol:

Maybe they should have William Katt come out in a Greatest American Hero costume,too. Did he ever find that instruction book for the suit?

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