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Life Goals


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I really wish I could have all three of these happen but I'll be lucky if I get two to happen at Disney World


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Not going to happen in a pity party - you need to look at things more positively


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If you get to experience a proposal, a wedding, or a honeymoon at WDW, that's pretty special. If you're dreaming of a special proposal at WDW and don't think you're going to get it, maybe take matters into your own hands and be the one who asks in the special place you want it to happen.


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Seriously though, I would try not to get your hopes super high because if it doesn't happen like you want, that could hurt a lot.

But, if it is something you really really really really want, I would definitely communicate your wants to your partner/BF/GF and see if you guys can come to a compromise of both of your wants/hopes/dreams/etc.


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i got married and honeymooned!

the proposal was a re-proposal, my original one was pants

so i got 2 and ad half of those.


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Also OP, you are young. I am related to people who married as early in their teens and as late in their late 60s. Don't let time scare you into thinking that you'll never get there, because you honestly don't know what fate has in store for you.
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