News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

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A few photos from Blog Mickey.




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Haha, I like the carnival too. For what it is, I think they did a good job but it seems like a missed opportunity. I totally agree Pete should be a part of it. The tent where you meet Minnie and company dressed up like circus performers seems like the most wasted opportunity. Why not random character you never meet?
Pete and oswald’


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The water from RoA is the same as that in the SSL. They’re connected. There’s a system of d ykes and such that keep everything at a nice level that I believe Richard F. Irvine (or was it Admiral Joe Fowler?) helped build way back in the day.


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Well some water is dyed and some is treated with chemicals. Water in attractions like Pirates is treated with chemicals and the water at the Jungle Cruise is dyed
I got to test out wader suits for pirates and walked in the water of the attraction inside the cave section. We were testing the suits for leaks. News flash. My entire left leg was soaking.

REG Glenn

I know Tom Sawyers Island doesn’t get good reviews, but this island is such a peaceful reprieve from a busy park. The caves are dark and mysterious and the fort is fun for kids to explore.
Rocking chairs at Aunt Pollys have a great view of the Haunted Mansion. Many places to sit as kids enjoy a small playground or wobbly barrel bridges. This green space is a great place to deprogram. I absolutely love this island, please never change it Disney.

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