Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing - Part I and Part II

Fable McCloud

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I really loved this article. It was well written and gave a lot of really special behind the attraction information. I had only ever seen video of the Tiki Room's origonal show, and on my firts trip it was still "Under New Management". I was so disappointed. My following trip it was closed due to the fire. Finally, in October 2017, my Fiance and I finally got to see the closest thing to the original show that WDW had to offer, and it became his favorite attraction.

We're going back in October for our honeymoon, and his exact words were " I hope the Tiki Room is open." I love this little show. It's a great place to beat the heat, enjoy sitting, and watch some of the most impressive little AA's the parks offer. Not to mention the fabulously catchy tunes...

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